Broken printer

A few days ago, I started printing a large document on my printer and then left the room. When I returned later, several of the pages were crumpled and the printer was jammed. This is a new and expensive printer, so I was pretty upset. I could not figure out what had gone wrong, so I tried to print it again after removing the jam. It worked perfectly. I hadn’t thought about the jam again until I was printing another document today. After the printer started, I saw Isis run towards the printer, jump on top of it, and stick her little paw inside the part where the paper comes out. What happened? The thing jammed, of course, and all the papers on top of the printer were crumpled. It’s so great to have a loving cat to protect me from the evil printer (and the evil photo album too). *sigh*


13 thoughts on “Broken printer

  1. Hilarious!  I have my daughter\’s calico (which she took when she moved out three years ago) and her Siamese (Which she didn\’t take) and three Yorkshire Terriers.  The cats are slowly gaining more territoral ground now that Kenny (the Siamese) has his old buddy back!  It\’s free entertainment here 24/7!

  2. I love cats, and i love your little stories! you are very funny! My kindest regards frm Argentina..
    Another cat\’s owner…

  3. how funny, seems like your cat likes electronic devices. Maybe it was respomachinending to the "purring" of the  machine.That\’s a cat for you.

  4. OH yeah.  One of my cats (well, my mom\’s cat now) is like that with the printer.  We finally moved the printer to the top of the computer hutch and cluttered up the rest of the area around the printer so that she couldn\’t "play" with it anymore.  Now she sits on the back of the computer chair and stares at the printer for an hour or more trying to will it into starting up.  And of course if it does start up it spooks her, causing her to run down your body with claws fully extended and hide under the bed until meal time.
    I miss that cat.

  5. LOL, oh yes…gotta love the feline family members!
    Oh goodness, if our cats ever formed a gang we\’d be in super trouble.  My cat likes to hang out on top of my boyfriend\’s flat screen tv and it just driiives him bonkers.  But, she allways manages to get her way…lol.  Don\’t they all!  -Aden

  6. I love cats… especially calicos!  Your cat is a lovely looking cat.  I used to have a cat that liked to get the mouse pointer on the computer.  Mike would move the mouse for her and she would try to \’catch\’ the pointer on the screen.
    Unfortunately, she died of lymphoma before she even got to her third birthday.  I still miss her.

  7. Thanks for the great question.  I was going to answer it here, but discovered that it was a long story.  I will be answer your question on my blog.
    Have a wonderful day.

  8. LOL!
    My cat always lays right on any paper I\’m writing on or walks over the keyboard if I\’m typing. Just can\’t stand it if I\’m paying attention to something else… lol

  9. I think it\’s great how much your cat loves you!!! 🙂  Very funny about the patient who wanted water!  Wow!!!

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