Bubba the Guard Spider

As some of you may know by now, my cats are good friends with Manny, an adorable cat that likes to cause trouble. Awhile ago, I read that Manny stole his owner’s contact case and hid it from him. Fearing that my cats would copy Manny and do the same, I had to hire a guard to watch over my contact case at night. Skitzo is scared of spiders, so who better to protect my contacts than a scary spider? I hired Bubba the Spider, and he hangs out by my bathroom sink protecting my stuff from trouble-making animals.


Update: Bubba the spider is dead. I don’t know what happened to him, but have a feeling Manny gave Skitzo some spider-killing tips. Look what happened:

  "I’m going to eat your contact case. Mmmmm…."


3 thoughts on “Bubba the Guard Spider

  1. hahahahahahahaa…. ooooooo that\’s too funny. Poor bubba tho, perhaps you should set up a web cam in your place so that you can spy on your kitty!!!  Your kitty looks like my old kitty… :o)
    seriously think about the web cam!! 😉

  2. ROFL!  Man, I can\’t believe Bubba didn\’t work out, he looked intimidating to me!  I\’ll have a little chat with Manny.  Maybe he swapped the spider trick for the staring one from Isis and Skitz.

  3. I bet there is a little extra protein in of those kitties bellies 🙂  You should have a funeral for the poor digested Bubba!

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