I understand the purpose of resealable bags for food and things you open & close repeatedly, but can anyone explain why the socks I just bought are in a resealable bag?

5 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. So for some silly reason this reminded me of a story.  While working in the hospital this week, a fellow student and I had to clean up a "Code Brown".  So we used about a dozen wash rags, towels, and of course took the patients gown and sheets and put them all in a plastic bag and dropped them down the laundry shoot.  My partner then said, "How\’d you like to be the guy that gets to open all these bags after they\’ve been sitting for a few hours?"  Suddenly I realized there may be worse job than the one I had just done.

  2. Maybe some people have little pegs in their room like at the stores and they keep their socks hung up on them and in the resealable bags?  Just a though 🙂  ~Tanya

  3. Okay, Johnny Joe…that is absolutely disgusting! EWWW!
    I\’ve thought the same thing before, but I was the one doing something gross. When I worked at Sonic I once had to pick chili up out of the drain because someone did put the catch in. That was so gross I almost barfed. I will never eat anything with chili on it from Sonic—EVER.

  4. I think it\’s because so many people open the packages to check the size and whatnot that the companies decided to make the bags resealable so the package is still "buyable" if someone decides to open the bag??

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