That’s some heavy paper!

I went to WalMart last night with my sister to buy printer paper. I thought it would be a simple task- just go down the office supply isle and grab a stack of paper. But when we reached that isle, I realized there were twenty different types of printer paper. And I’m not talking about different brands of paper- each brand had several types to choose from. I randomly picked one stack and started reading the information on the packaging. I was shocked when I saw that the stack of paper I was holding had 500 sheets and weighed a whopping twenty pounds!! I thought to myself, "Wow, moving people around at the hospital has really made me strong- because this definitely does not feel like twenty pounds!" I started getting all cocky about how strong I am now until my sister burst my bubble by explaining that the actual weight of the paper was not twenty pounds. 😦  That just describes the paper’s thickness. Hmmm.. sometimes ignorance is bliss- at least it makes you feel better about yourself!

9 thoughts on “That’s some heavy paper!

  1. Hi Katie,
    I was just checking my site meter website and it looks like roughly 40% of the traffic on my site comes from your site, or maybe more.  So thanks for putting a link for my blog on yours.  I owe you one.  I am sure I am no where near the number of hits you get, but it is nice to know at least a few people out there are reading my ramblings. 
    So thanks again and I hope you have a great weekend.
    PS BTW I loved your "signs youre a nurse".  The one about BMs was especially funny.  I get to hear a lot about them from my wife who is also a nurse. 

  2. Too funny!  It sounds though that you are really getting the hang of this nursing.  I\’m glad to see you feeling a little better about it.

  3. !! What !! Really?? 
    I was walking back from the office supply room with 4 packages of paper and a secretary told me that I was carrying over 80 lbs!  I was so shocked with my ease of carting the stuff around the office.  And now I realize that I\’m as strong as I once thought. Thanks, Katie. LOL!  :o)

  4. Katie,
    I have been following up on your comment. I know that Mike Torres was also looking into the issue of profile pictures not appearing and talking about the work-around solution of, ahem, recreating your profile. I think that you have done that.
    I wanted to inform you that the issue is now fixed (for people who did not re-upload their profiles as well).
    Thank you very much for your comment. We are listening and working hard behind the scenes!
    Cheers, –Ali

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