Go NOT Lytely

Before a patient has a colonoscopy, they need to clean out their colon. Many doctors accomplish this by prescribing the drug Go-Lytely. I can’t think of a more inappropriate name for a drug- this medicine causes severe diarrhea, and patients end up sitting on the toilet for hours. It is not a pleasant experience for the patient or the nurse. Danielle’s patient was on Go-Lytely, and had spent a large portion of her day in the bathroom. She had not been allowed to eat for over 24 hours, and was understandably crabby. After she returned to bed from the restroom, Danielle was doing her assessment on the woman. She was reading off all the questions and didn’t stop to think before asking, "When was your last bowel movement?" The woman glared at her and shouted, "When do you !#@%#@! think?!!?" Oops!!

6 thoughts on “Go NOT Lytely

  1. Couldn\’t agree more about the product, Go-Lytely.  Having been through the regimen twice now, I think a better name would be "3-2-1-Blast-off"

  2. Thanks for the info 🙂  I\’ll make sure to steer clear of that product unless absolutely necessary.  Have a great day – oh and good job on the test the other day!!  ~Tanya

  3. oh I have a funny story about this…
    A few years back my mom had to drink stuff called Nu Lytely for the same reason as stated above.  Well, she was having a pretty bad reaction from drinking this liquid concotion. Chills, shakes, and adventually vomitting.  Everything but the desired effects of the stuff.  So she had me call the pharmacists to find out what should she should do now that she had thrown up the stuff.  So I was trying to explain to pharmacy that my mom was drinking this nulytely stuff only I pronounced it completely wrong.  I made it sound like some Italian last name (nu-li-telly) and finally the pharmacist was like…oh do you mean "new light ly" and I looked at the bottle and was like "uh. yea" and the pharmacist started cracking up.  

  4. I think the woman should\’ve been thankful that she doesn\’t have to do it yearly like those with Ulcerative Colitis over 10 years.  I think my pain comes from not being able to eat for 48 hours….that\’s the painful part for me…

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