The Katie Seal of Approval

We have a big test tomorrow in our Health Management class. Our instructors in this course are well known for having awful test questions. The questions are not too difficult in an "I should have studied this material more" sense- they are just poorly worded and poorly asked questions. If I were to say to my instructor during class, "Pick any female student in this room," and she were to pick Danielle, I would say, "Yes, Danielle is a female student, so you are correct, but I can’t give you credit because that is not the student I was thinking of." What would they respond? Probably something like, "Well, you didn’t give me enough information to narrow down which student you were thinking of! There were too many ‘right answers’" Only then would our instructors understand how we feel about their test questions. They are trying to imitate the NCLEX (our licensing exam), which has several options that seem right. However, the NCLEX questions are written by professionals who are able to give you enough clues to figure out the correct answer. Our teachers leave us at the "pick any female student" part of the question, and forget to give us the rest of the necessary information.
If my teachers were smart (which we have established is definitely not the case), they would ask me to proofread the test before they give it to the class. This way, I could tell them which questions would have a better of chance of people getting the right answer if they change the wording to, "Pick a letter, A, B, C, or D." With the Katie Seal of Approval on the test questions, the students who studied and know the material would actually be the ones who do well on the exam. Isn’t that a crazy concept?

Wish me luck tomorrow guys!

Update: 92%!!!!!


13 thoughts on “The Katie Seal of Approval

  1. Good luck on the test tomorrow, I\’m sure you\’ll do a great job.  I\’d say have a great day but I\’m sure your studying your a** off 🙂  ~Tanya

  2. I have been studying all week for my first nursing test this Tuesday!  I am scared to death!  I feel like I know the info, but like you said the questions are worded so if you even know the info forward and back you stand a real good chance of getting them wrong.  I have this great book, Fundamentals Success, to help me with the NCLEX style of questions.  I don\’t know if it would apply to your health management class…
    Wish you all the luck in the world!  I know you will do great!  (Wish me luck too!)

  3. Hey, do you wanna come edit my Physics tests while you\’re at it? I think they were probably written by the same people who wrote your exams! 😛
    Good luck on your tests! I\’m sure you\’ll do great! 🙂

  4. I like the subjunctive on \’if my teachers were smart …\’
    I totally know the feeling, though, and it makes me grateful for my own graduation. Good luck with those multiple guess questions.

  5. Good luck, Katie!!! There is nothing worse than poorly worded questions – that\’s so frustrating. However, I have this feeling you\’ll do great. 🙂

  6. Katie,
    I think your seal of approval idea could really catch on and It doesn\’t seem mad at all…. I wonder if I can get my boss to agree to me giving my next pay review the John seal of approval!?

  7. a ha! i knew manny had to learn that trick from somewhere! I should of know he got it from his pals, Isis and Skitzo!
    *hangs head in shame* maybe Manny did have a little something to do with the random opened cabinets.  I\’ll have a talk with him this evening

  8. I HATE TESTS LIKE THAT!!!  You could start a Katie Seal of Approval business… that way you would really start raking in the money, I could say I knew you when, and you wouldn\’t ever have to put ads on your website!  😀

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