The Heart

A nursing student studying for a test over the heart asked if I could recommend some good websites for her to look at. Although I don’t think the heart looks much like this (I think the heart actually looks like a boneless, skinless chicken breast), these sites are pretty good.

How stuff works – animation of heart
HSW – Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) animation – I saw this!
HSW – Coronary artery disease animation
HSW – basics
HSW- heart disease
HSW – Aspirin and the heart
HSW – Congestive heart failure
HSW – Heart formation animation
HSW – Reading EKG animation
HSW- list of all animations- check this out- there are tons of things to learn about!

My sister sent me these links- cute songs to help you remember the blood flow through the heart:
Aspirin commercial
Lyrics with picture

Good luck Eve!!


4 thoughts on “The Heart

  1. I\’ll have to send my wife here when she gets to the heart in Anatomy. You guys should chat sometime. She was planning on doing physical therapy until she got pregnant. Now, I\’m not sure what she\’s thinking she\’ll do with her biology degree when it\’s done.

  2. Thanks for the heart links! We\’re starting Cardiac Critical Care next week! I\’ll be sure to share with my friends!

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