The gift

You know you are loved when:


Skitzo’s favorite toy somehow ended up inside my backpack. What a pleasant surprise! 🙂


13 thoughts on “The gift

  1. That\’s so cute!  I agree with you on what the heart really looks like, I\’ve never seen one in person, but you described it perfectly!

  2. Snoozer~ I hadn\’t thought of it that way, lol! However, Skitzo is 15 pounds, so I don\’t think he could easily sneak into my backpack… but then again, his IQ isn\’t too high. 

  3. Is that a mouse? I can\’t exactly tell. The cat I owned when I was a kid used to kill stuff and bring it home all the time until we chastized him. I think he brought home a dead bird, a gigantic dragonfly, etc. One time my neighbor claimed my cat had beaten up on his dog. I\’m glad he didn\’t try to bring that home. That might have been messy.

  4. a kitty surprise!!!  that is true love, indeed!  he wanted you to be entertained in class! He\’s a very thoughtful kitty. 
    ps…Manny wishes to say *wink, wink* to Isis. 

  5. Oh, how cute. My mom\’s dog loves to find charcoal and will just place it around the house. I\’m not sure where exactly she finds it though. Must have a stash somewhere.

  6. Katie,
    The IV\’s SUCKED!!!! I did my partner first, but the whole time I was freaking out about me getting one that I didn\’t get it in, luckily we weren\’t graded on a successful start, just keeping asepsis!  Her stupid veins were rolling everywhere and she was so cold that they were constricted and small like a little old lady!  Oh well, good thing the neighbor volunteered her arm up for practice!

  7. Katie,
    OMG that is the cutiest thing ever!!  I love cats.  Some people dont like cats, they think they dont have personalities or are too aloof, but mine isnt.  Ours is almost like a dog, she loves being around us and even likes to wrestle (or at least thats what i tell myself ha ha).  🙂 
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. Hey Katie! I am back online – yay!  Now i Have to play catch up!  I should know if I get accepted into the nursing program sometime in March, btw, so keep your fingers crossed!
    Take care,

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