No sleep

I feel like I didn’t get much sleep last night. I actually went to bed by 10:30, but all my crazy patients always needed something! I woke up panicked several times because I forgot to give someone their medicine, a patient had a heart attack, or a doctor was yelling orders at me I couldn’t understand. As soon as I would fall back asleep, I’d be working with several new patients. This same thing happened when I was a waitress- I would fall asleep and all my customers would need things, and I would always be messing everything up. Can’t I at least get some time off in my dreams?! And if time off is not possible, it would be nice to at least be a super-hero nurse or something! Not one who stumbles around and messes everything up…

4 thoughts on “No sleep

  1. Sounds like your brain is in overdrive!  I used to have dreams liked that when I worked in retail in college.  I would have a long line of customers, each one having some sort of complaint.  Ugh!! 

  2. I am a nursing student myself, and I\’m currently researching Prion disease for microbiology, and am experiencing the same problem! Dreaming about prions!

  3. Hey, I don\’t know how I work and be an nursing student!  I have a lot of emotional breakdowns and my boyfriend probably never going to propose to me… who would want to marry a nut job!!  I can\’t wait to be done with this and work in OB!  What area of nursing are you interested in?  2 more days until I get poked and proded for our IV check offs!!  I\’m not too nervous about doing it on someone else or about all the blood, because bleeding doesn\’t hurt just the poke… I\’m just scared about maintaining asepsis… I really would feel horrible if I made my friend or a patient sick for that matter!

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