When taking Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) last year, I worked hard studying all of the diagrams in our book. I memorized picture after picture, and even used those A&P coloring books to help me memorize all the unique names of our body parts. Most textbook pictures look similar to this:


I’m sure you can imagine my surprise while watching my first surgery when I realized that our muscles and bones are not actually color-coded! Everything looked the same, there were no pretty colors distinguishing the teres major from the teres minor!! 😉 So for you A&P students out there who want to actually apply those diagrams you are memorizing to real people, go to this website. It quizzes you on the parts of the body using a cadaver. You non-medical people might want to pass this one up!

Click here.
On the body on the right side of the screen, click on an area (ex: head)

Check the boxes you want to be quizzed on (Muscles)

Click "Start quiz" and wait a few seconds



9 thoughts on “Anatomy

  1. I took the quiz on the head, and got a 64! Not bad for a non-medical person!  Too funny about those lumps you found, any word?

  2. I think this site will ve very helpful to me.  When I looked at it last night I looked at some of the dissection pictures.  It was kind of hard figuring out what muscle etc. was shown.  They all look alike like you said!  No bright colors to help me along.  This was right after I got done coloring in my A&P coloring book! LOL.  Maybe it is not a good idea to color before quizzing myself online! 

  3. Hi Katie,
    Finally was able to sign in and leave a comment.  I checked out the anatomy page you listed and it looks great. Very helpful.  i will make sure to pass it on to my class.  In A&P I think the muscle section will be the hardest section.  the structures are so less concrete than say the bones.  But I am sure this site will help when i get to that point.  Thanks again.

  4. Um, yea should have taken your word for it and not looked at the link.  Reminded me of the insides of that frog we disected in Biology in high school – not my favorite activity in school.

  5. I love that site – I used it a lot when I was suffering through gross
    anatomy. It\’s nice in that you don\’t have to go into the lab to study!
    I\’m glad you posted it. 🙂

  6. Hi Katie!  Thanks for another great website!  Now, do you have any suggestions on the heart, specifically the intrinsic system?!?  I have a test Mon and am soooooo tired of the diagrams in my book!  And I totally sympathize with all your dreams, I\’ve been having them too!!!  Yikes! 😉

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