200,000 hits

Congratulations Kristen’s Chronicles, you are visitor number 200,000! Click here to claim your free iPod! 😉

In honor of my site reaching 200,000 hits today, MSN made some changes! I am still trying to figure everything out- so far I have changed my communication options to "No One" – so please don’t be offended if you request my personal information and don’t hear back from me- I won’t even see that you sent a request. I’ll look into that stuff later and possibly change it back.


2 thoughts on “200,000 hits

  1. OMG 200,000 HITS! HOLYYYYY GEEZ!  So, I blame you on all these changes!  I hope they didn\’t bother Manny when the moved everything around! :o) 

  2. Wow, a free iPod!  It\’s my lucky day!
    200.000 hits…that\’s amazing!  Congrats!
    I\’m trying to figure everything out too.  I can\’t figure out how to get my picture to show up in my profile.  Ugh!

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