But I’m volunteering….

The RN I worked with today: Katie, are you good at putting in IV’s?
Me: Well, I put one in my sister’s boyfriend over Christmas.
RN: You’ve only put in one IV, and it wasn’t even while at school?!
Me: I am volunteering eight hours this weekend.
RN: What does that have to do with this?
Me: Uh, I can tell you about the demographics of Kansas.
RN: And this makes you a good nurse because…..?
Me: Ok, how about I tell you about my instructor’s three dogs- we talked about that for half an hour one day in class.
RN: I still don’t see what this has to do with IV’s…
Me: Oh, I get it. What if I told you lots of stuff about the environment? We sat through a three hour lecture on that!
RN: Security!!!
Me: No, hold on!! I can draw you a concept map about starting an IV!!!
RN to security guards: Please track down this poor nursing student’s faculty, and throw them all in the psych ward. It’s not only for their own good, but for the good of all nursing students and their future patients.
Me: It’s about time! Now about that IV, how about instead of me being forced to volunteer for eight hours this weekend, we work on putting in IV’s? I have a feeling that practicing things that will actually affect my patients is far more important than this ridiculous stuff our school has been making us do.


14 thoughts on “But I’m volunteering….

  1. Hi, Katie! I am a Nurse Recruiter at a hospital in the Mountain West area of the country, and an RN for 32 years! I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Things have not changed that much for students in all those years. The faculty even back then tried to scare is to death and spent alot of time on things that we thought a total waste of time, and we knew we had every terminal disease we studied (especially brain tumors). Keeping your sense of humor and your compassion for your patients and fellow students – and yourself – this is the key to your survival.But maybe you should not give the faculty a copy of your blog until you graduate. No point taking chances.PJ

  2. Seriously, that was funny! Kinda scares me that nurses aren\’t getting the education they need but gosh aren\’t we lucky they\’re teaching all the "important" things…like about other people\’s dogs or what an Oak Tree looks like. ;o)

  3. You are such a great part of my day! I didn\’t comment earlier, but the laugh did me good. 🙂 I\’ve been on a "diet" that I\’ve had a terrible time with (I\’ve decided that week 1 has been an experiment in calories…), and I\’ve been religiously exercising… and I managed to gain weight. I know, I know, you gain muscle first… <sigh> I think I might need a straight jacket, too! :S

  4. You are so funny….meanwhile it is no joking matter. I am constantly astonished that you have the same problems/concerns/airy fairy waste of time courses that we have in Australia. Doesn\’t make me feel much better to know that nursing students worldwide have to put up with the same bullshit.Keep smiling and keep making us laugh.

  5. AMEN! I spent lecture in A&P to people talking about personal experience with MIs and family history of high cholesterol and high blood pressure not to mention the many repeated request to explain something that our professor just explained! Geeze!!! Sorry to rant, I just want to understand the intrinsic system ;-)Love your blog!! So entertaining, yet educational!Eve

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