They pulled a Blockbuster on us

Do you remember when Blockbuster first announced "The end to late fees"? They had all those commercials with people celebrating in the streets, dancing and hugging. Well, we had a similar event at the beginning of this semester. During orientation to our Professional Practice II course (Clinicals), the instructor stood in front of us and said, "You no longer have to do any concept maps!" To those of you who are fortunate enough not to know what a concept map is, you are very blessed. Concept maps do help us in our understanding, but they are very time consuming when we have so much else to do after clinicals (such as our care plans and drug look-ups). So when our instructor finished that sentence, the celebrating began. Maybe it wasn’t as dramatic as those Blockbuster commercials, and maybe there wasn’t actually dancing in the streets, but we all were extremely excited and relieved that we were finally getting a break. Unfortunately, the "End of concept maps" was way too similar to "the end of late fees"- it was a marketing ploy to get our hopes up just so they could crush us all over again. It ends up that the director of the course does not want us to do concept maps, but our individual clinical instructors get to decide. And knowing my luck, I get the instructors who love concept maps!! But like Blockbuster, we won’t call them what they really are in an attempt to make people happy (Blockbuster now has "Restocking fees" instead of "late fees"). So I guess now we have "Maps with concepts".

4 thoughts on “They pulled a Blockbuster on us

  1. I am a nursing instructor at a college in Texas. I found your blog through MSN and love reading it. What compelled me to comment was your mention of concept maps. We just started using these in our program. I would love to see some samples from your program. I like them, but like you our students are not crazy about them. They do take us more time to grade, but I think they are helpful to the students. Thanks…..

  2. I share your pain. that sounds like every peice of paper work i get to do as a cop. We have, in Idaho, a form that has to be read to every DUI arrest we get before we give them the breath test. It basically tells them that when they accepted their license they volunteer to take any evidenciary test for a blood alcohol content or we can seize their license and it gets suspended. It takes 15 min. to read and most people pass out halfway through. and get this we don\’t even turn them in they just get filed with our report and are never brought up again even if the arrest goes to trial. IT SUCKS! those concept maps sound worse though

  3. Kate, thx for you\’re comments on my site not long ago. I hope to see more of them. Things have been good here and am just looking forward to getting back in 48 days. Still a bit nervous but am ready to get on with things. Take care and hope to see you on my site again soon!Will

  4. Funny you should bring up the Blockbuster thing because I was talking to hubby just yesterday about what a crock the whole "late fee" thing is! Hopefully those concept maps turn out a lot betta!

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