Professor Snyder

One of my favorite psychology professors, Rick Snyder, passed away a few days ago from cancer. Professor Snyder taught a class called "Individual differences" and wrote an interesting book about hope. Before coming to his class, I would sit through other lectures and learn about all the things that can go wrong with people’s minds. It was wonderful to come to his class and have the opportunity to focus on what was right. Over the last few months, I have thought a lot about the things he talked about while dealing with my patients who were in pain. He taught us (and did experiments to prove) that we are able to tolerate pain better if we have hope.  Thanks to him, I know the importance of keeping my patient’s spirits high and not letting them give up hope. He will be greatly missed.

6 thoughts on “Professor Snyder

  1. Wow…it\’s always to cool to the good things. It makes you feel much better. He sounds like a wonderful professor. I\’m sorry for the loss.

  2. Katie,Sorry to hear about the loss of your professor. We can always keep them close by applying the things that they taught us. Bill T.

  3. I LOVE instructors like that! They inspire you to be better and give you energy to do better. 🙂 It\’s hard to lose them from the semester, let alone forever. :(It would be interesting to do a series of blogs based on some of the things he taught–I\’ll bet they\’d be just as inspiring for the second helping!

  4. Katie, I\’m sorry you lost a good professor. I recently lost one as well, and it has made learning his materal a little more difficult. He made going to class worthwhile, and something we looked forward to doing. It sounds like our two professors were a lot alike.

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