We’ve come a long way…

Scooter’s Mom left me a comment reminding me how far I’ve come since school started. This got me thinking about the things I actually have learned instead of just focusing on the things I still do not know. Here are a few things that haven’t happened since school first started:
~ I haven’t gotten upset and thought I was a complete idiot because I couldn’t even hear my own heartbeat with the stethoscope (it was set to the bell instead of the diaphragm)
~ Natalie hasn’t felt anyone’s neck and said, "The thalamus is non palpable". (The thalamus is located in your brain- the thyroid is located in the neck)
~ I haven’t turned anyone’s arm purple while taking their blood pressure because I couldn’t get the cuff to deflate (I know, I should have just taken it off, but in my panic, that simple fact slipped my mind)
~ None of us have used scissors instead of clamps and spilled IV fluid everywhere. Thanks for that lesson, Diane!  😉

Other lessons:
~ When a male patient asks for the bedpan, I always clarify if he really needs the bedpan, or if he actually wants the urinal (this makes a big difference in terms of cleaning up a huge mess)
~ When I need a confidence boost, I know to hang around patients who are on Verset. I had no idea so many people loved me!


3 thoughts on “We’ve come a long way…

  1. hello this is sam from my not so private place. hey I really think that time with you situation would be better spent looking for drug dealers and the likes but when most people say that to me I have a simple response. I say "Look man you ARE speeding and odds are that if you don\’t die from a massive infarction or cancer you will probably die in a car accident. Speed causes death in car accidents. I am just try to save some lives because I care about people I don\’t even know." That useually shuts them up. If that doesn\’t satisfy, I tell them that the last drug arrest I got came from a car like the one they are driving and was filled with people that looked just like them. That always works. See ya good luck with the studies P.S. I also hate homophobes.

  2. hi katie …thanx for the comment on my blog … i just wanted to tell you that i think you show great insight through your stories, etc. and … why didn\’t anyone think of a site like yours when i was in nursing school? lol …(graffitti artist)

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