Adding a few pounds….

The next time I go to donate blood, I am going to do something few women have done before: I am going to lie about my weight by ADDING a few pounds. Have I lost my mind? Well, that depends on who you ask. But in this instance, I think I am being wise. Here is what happened on Friday- I went to donate blood and when the woman poked me with the needle, no blood came out. She obviously was new (karma, huh?!), and I told her not to worry about it, just to take the needle out and poke me again. She went and got her supervisor, who informed me that because I do not weigh 125 pounds, they are not allowed to poke me twice. So, my options were to give up or to let them dig around. Not realizing what I was getting myself into, I let them dig. After what felt like fifty jabs, the blood started to flow. Probably due to all the trauma from the digging, my blood clotted with only a few ml to go, and so they were unable to use my blood. What a pain!! So now I have a huge bruise on my arm, I think I broke a few bones in Danielle’s hand from squeezing so hard during the "let’s rip Katie’s veins apart" episode, and I lost a lot of blood for nothing. I will go back and try again in three months, but this time, I will lie and say I weigh 125. Is this rule some sort of punishment for little people!? If any of you medical people can explain this rule to me, I would appreciate it. But until then, I officially weigh 125 (please don’t tell on me)!

Edit: A picture from one week later:



11 thoughts on “Adding a few pounds….

  1. Once, while donating blood, there was a woman in line who was unable to donate…Too thin…I wanted to slap her & give her a donut!! LOLTake care, Carrie

  2. Hey, Ummm…I will probably do the same thing…I weigh I think right at 125 lbs but fluxuate. It gives me the creeps thinking about the needle and those people digging around. Sorry about disappering for a bit. Christmas was a downer, family and stuff…but things are getting back to normal…so I\’ll back on.

  3. Oh my gosh. . .the blood bank can never get it right with me (and they\’re currently stalking me for more blood). I have one whole vein that works perfectly for blood donation and they still want to debate the issue with me. Usually I get the new person who sticks the needle in and then misses the vein, they freak out, and I have to sit there with this ginormous needle sticking out of my arm until they find a supervisor to fix it. The worst though (and mind you this story is my own fault) was the time I tried to give blood right after mardi gras. . .hung over/dehydration and blood donation are not a good combo. . .However, the best time I gave blood was when we had a really sketchy/evil nurse (and yes I know not all nurses are evil 🙂 ) and my friend said if the nurse wasn\’t nicer she was going to take her bag of blood and leave. . .you probably had to be there but it was funny :)Good luck with your upcoming semester/quarter

  4. That stinks…I\’m sorry you had to have that happen! If it makes you feel any better, I had someone working on me when I was giving blood who though chatting to be more important than paying attention to what they were doing, and they ended up taking the needle out before taking the band off my arm, and blood came squirting out! Needless to say, I had a lovely bruise for quite a while, and was very glad that I\’m not afraid of seeing my own blood!

  5. You weigh less that 125# !! Wow! I wish!They can onoy poke you once BUT can dig around in hole all they want. Does this make sence ?

  6. lol! that reminds of the first and ONLY time I gave blood. I went in uniform because I figured it was good PR. I had no problem at all. I pumped my little pumper and the blood flowed fast and I was done. they took out the needle.Then…I passed out cold! I came around and puked in a bag for like twenty minutes. There were like ten people all giving blood in a cirlce staring at me. I know they making fun of the big bad sickly cop that couldn\’t even give blood!I turned down my cookie and apple juice and ran like hell outta there. I was so embarrassed! I will never give blood again!

  7. I have been that woman who was unable to donate.My weight fluctuates from 90 to 98 lbs. And although it\’s hard for most to believe I eat a lot! The worst part was my co-workers who thought it was so funny to hear I was too thin.

  8. Wow I\’m amazed that even after being told that you can\’t, you still want to try again. There are so many people who are +125 pounds who probably have plenty of blood to spare, but won\’t donate it. Good for you!

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