Blogs by students in any medical field

If you are a student in any medical field and would like to post a link to your blog, please do so here!

9 thoughts on “Blogs by students in any medical field

  1. I really wish Spaces had a webring type function. I\’d love to see other HCP student blogs! (I\’ll keep checking back on this post and see who else is out there!)

  2. What a good idea!!! I hate not reciprocating links, but I don\’t want my blog to be one big link… Avoiding clutter is my life\’s goal (and as you can see, I rarely succeed!)… Maybe if we ever have as much traffic as you do, we\’ll mimic your idea… And lo! Do I see new blog pictures? I\’m going to go take a look. 🙂

  3. Love your site Katie! You are very inspirational to a nursing student (and kitty mommy) like me. I just started clinicals this trimester, and I\’m looking forward to sharing my own stories. My blog is kind of random, but I\’m sure as school progresses, I will share a lot about my experiences as a student nurse.

  4. I really love your stories and was about to post a link to your space on my own … I am pre-med student (long way to go I know 😦 . It feels so good to read your blog and realize it\’s ok to be completely lost in medical school. and yes I self-diagnosed myself with hypochondria some time ago. at least now I know what I have ;)Good luck !!Sonia

  5. Hi Katie,Well, I guess I will shamelessly post a link to my blog. Its called:Desert Imaging: An X-ray Tech Student in Phoenix and the url is:http://azx-raytechstudent.blogspot.comThe site chronicles my experiences while I am going thru X-ray tech school, and other things about my life. I hope to see some visitors. Thanks for this opportunity Katie, even though you have a link to my site on your front page, which I have to say is super nice of you. 🙂 Have a nice weekend.Dustin

  6. Here\’s my blog…it has some experiences from my CNA training…and my other frustrations with trying to figure out where to go to college and all that jazz!

  7. Here\’s a little trick to use when caring for someone who has a hearing deficit but is not completely deaf. Have him (or her) put the stethoscope ear pieces into HIS ears and you speak into the scope diaphragm.

  8. Hi there,
    After reading almost all the student nurse confessions and stories I still can\’t wait to start my lessons and training, I will be staring in September 2008 can\’t wait!

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