Mysteries solved

Have you ever wondered what happens to the Keebler Elves after they have eaten too many cookies and no longer fit in their tree house? Well, I figured it out today. They start working for a company called TortureRUs. What do they do for this company? They write test questions used on the health management exams at my college. This explains where my tuition money is going, because it clearly is not going towards clinical supplies or intelligent faculty (with a few exceptions). You are probably asking yourself, "What do the Keebler Elves know about nursing?" Very good question. They know nothing about nursing or about writing exams. This all might sound a little far-fetched, but it is the only logical explanation I can come up with for some of the idiotic questions we had on our exam today. Somebody please put these elves on a diet so they can go back to making cookies!!

5 thoughts on “Mysteries solved

  1. I have been a nurse for one year and I still call myself a "student nurse" (I feel like I will be one for the rest of my life). I remember one exam in nursing school, when my instructor refused to remove a question that was so poorly written that 92% of the class got it incorrect. She felt the information was important for us to learn but our argument was that the question was A) not easy to understand and B) not even covered during our 2 lectures on the subject. At our school if you did not recieve an average of 87% throughout the whole term, you would be kicked out of the class and have to wait a year before returning to the program. Students were terrified at all times and I\’m surprised I don\’t suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome. I can relate to your frustrations.I enjoy reading your blog because none of my friends or family understood what a challenge nursing school was. I felt like I had signed my life away without realizing it. I just wanted to say that when you get out you will have a wonderful sense of pride in your accomplishments. Our job is all about saving and enriching lives, giving hope and holding patients hand\’s through some of the most trying times of their lives. I promise that you will ,if you allow yourself to, learn something new everyday. P.S.The fact that you recognize traits in those "too-thick-skinned" nurses that you don\’t like will help guide you. I believe you will use your compassion and sense of humor to be a wonderful nurse.Good Luck and good studying!

  2. hey just thought i\’d stop in and say something. Please don\’t ever ever ever have thick thick skin. I\’ll tell you why. My sister was hospitalized 2 years ago in ICU because her lungs failed (to this day they don\’t know why she was quite the subject during rounds I tell ya) anyways, she was 7 months pregnant at the time too and was comatose for 10 days. Finally she came out of it, by pure miracle, and with all the tubes down her throat (to help her breath because she could only breath 25% on her own at that point) all she could do was use her eyes for communication. She was too weak to use her hands at that point. What did the on duty nurse do during her shift of watching my sister as her patient. Covered her face with a cloth so that she didn\’t have to look at my sister looking at her. yes that\’s right, my sister told us all what happened a week later after she could talk again. Covered her face, i was so livid it\’s not even funny. The nurse apparently thought that my sister watching her was creepy and covered her face and told her to go to sleep. She needed to be suctioned every 10 minutes or so in her lungs and the only way was through her eyes to let you know! So please please please never ever stop caring and remember even if your patien just came out of a coma they understand everything and feel helpless!!~Lee

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