Isis’s foot

Isis and Skitzo make it difficult to get any work done. I was sitting here studying earlier tonight when I heard them fighting. I looked to make sure they were ok and realized what was going on: Skitzo was trying to bite Isis’s foot. Of course, Isis wasn’t happy about this, but was too lazy to get up and move. So she just laid there smacking him while he tried to bite her. This continued long enough for me to get my camera and take pictures. I posted them for you HERE. You might want to view them with the speed turned up a little bit- it makes the action shots even better!



2 thoughts on “Isis’s foot

  1. LMAO!!! You just have to love cats to appreciate them, right? The night before last, I was visiting my family when they thought they\’d show me their newest way to piss of my sister\’s cat. My brother grabbed a broom, which of course the cat hates, and he chased my sister with it around the den. Since she was screaming, Lashes the cat came to her rescue and tried her hardest to proctect her owner by swatting, hissing, growling, and finally attacking the broom. It was such a funny and adorable site as well as scary! Lashed beat the heck out of the broom! Like I said, gotta love cats! Too bad I didn\’t have my camera!!! I love you blog by-the-way!! Good luck!

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