In my opinion, psychiatry is a wonderful field. I know many people who have been helped by drugs such as Ritalin and Zoloft. So please do not think that I am posting this as an attack on psychiatry or anyone who uses Ritalin. I am just posting it because it made me stop and really think about things.
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3 thoughts on “Calvin

  1. cute . . . but i liked Calvin when without the ritalin – his hallucinations/fantasies are so entertaining!regarding psychiatry – have you done a psych rotation yet? it is a real eye-opener – it has to be the only patient care area in which patient dignity is considered a luxury and in which lying to patients (i.e. giving placebos to patients without their knowledge) is standard practice . . . i just think pysch patients get the shaft – i really don\’t see the same advances in psychiatric medicine and pharmaceuticals as i do in, say, oncology or cardiac medicine . . . just a observation from a nurse who\’s worked psych and who\’s seen family members in the psychiatric system . . . luv your blog . . .cheers,roxanne

  2. Hey Katie,I like your new pic. It looks good. Very natural. 🙂 I hope you are having a nice weekend and the homework isn\’t making you crazy yet. Take care,Dustin B.

  3. Katie, I think psychiatry is a wonderful field, too! I am starting my psych class tomorrow, but so far from reading the text book, I am very interested in this field. It\’s not exciting field compare to OR or ER, but as long as we have brain, body, and mind, we really need to understand and get involved psychiatry. I hope you have a wonderful week! Mie

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