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One of the biggest problems with my psychology and nursing classes is that I have diagnosed myself with a lot of the things we have studied. I’m sure you have probably figured out a few of the possible psych disorders just from reading my site. But thinking I might have obsessive compulsive disorder or multiple personalities was never scary. Thinking I have some of the things we are studying in my nursing courses can be pretty frightening. For example, I had a slight pain in my chest after eating dinner a few nights ago. Heartburn? Nope. I was about to have an abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture. My bad headache the other night wasn’t just a headache, I was about to have a stroke. When I didn’t have a stroke, I wasn’t relieved, because it just meant I had an inoperable brain tumor. After re-reading what I have just written, I have just made another self-diagnosis: hypochondria. See, this is never ending!!
I know I’m not the only one who does this- what have you guys diagnosed yourselves with?


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22 thoughts on “Self diagnosis

  1. My son could have never been a nurse or even a nursing student. He took a health class his Freshman year in High School and every other day he had the symptoms of whatever they happen to be studying at the time. He came home one day and went straight to his room and only said that he needed to talk to "Dad" when he gets home. I asked him what was wrong and he said nothing he just needed to talk to Dad. Dad working for UPS doesn\’t get home at the best time, so he spent several grueling hours in his room. He refused dinner and all TV programs. (I didn\’t allow my kids to have TVs in their rooms, I was mean). Finally, Dad got home and was told to immediately go an check on his son. He did and came out about 5 minutes later with a smile on his face. In health that day that had talked about testicular cancer and Justin was sure he had it. His testicles had some bumps on them. Dad reassured him that they were normal "bumps" and he would be fine. He emerged several minutes later looking for dinner. I think you are normal. Or as normal as Justin is anyway.

  2. <laaaaughing> Toooo funny! I am convinced that I have every disease in the book… I have always wondered if I have obsessive compulsive disorder, even pretending I had symptoms when I was younger (I know this is silly, but i.e. I would flip the lights on and off multiple, timed times because if I had the disorder, obviously, I should be light-flipping, too…). There are times, though, that I\’m sooo messy (not right now, just finished dishes, vacuuming and dusting!) and I\’m reminded that I\’m a normal slob just like everybody else… lol

  3. I actually diagnosed myself with Bell\’s Palsy. But I actually did have it. Although everytime I get a headache I think I am having an aneurysm. HADelanie

  4. LMAO!!! OMG!! You KILL me!!!Yep, my husband has diagnosed me with OCD…He says I\’m CONSTANTLY washing my hands…Uh, I have a two-year old!! And I am a smoker…Hello????(yes, outside only & I wash my hands after) Then, there\’s the migraine (yes, REAL migraines) that are a brain aneurysm. Ok, I guess then I should admit this…Any time my left arm is numb…Heart attack!! Ok, so maybe I WAS sleeping on it…LOLTake care, Carrie

  5. Sheesh it seems I spend a lot of time here! I should be working on my own blog… :-)Anywhoozle, during the course of my own psych class last quarter I diagnosed myself with ADHD. We talked about it in class and I was nodding my head in agreeance with all the symptoms mentioned. Knowing that my brother had ADHD I actually went and got tested. \’Lo and behold I have it. It was the greatest diagnoses ever because it answered so many issues I was dealing with. I feel like a totally new person now that I\’m being treated! So I guess the moral of my story is: self-diagnoses doesn\’t necessarily mean you\’re a hypochondriac. You should trust your instincts and be aware of what\’s going on with your body. Cool beans!

  6. Haha.. I do the same things with my pets… call the vet and give them a long explination with all the symptoms and give them my diagnosis to save them the time… "Well Mrs. M., I really just think she has fleas…"Silly Vets…

  7. It\’s funny you bring that up, my wife is forever diagnosing her benign symptoms and carrying the MERK manuel in her pocket, convinced she has something that will require hospitalization!

  8. Hey you seem normal to me!!!!!!!! LOL You are very funny, indeed. Our cat does not try to hide it when he\’s throwing up, he just does it where he is. The day I went to take a shower and it was in the tub was the worst!!!!!!!!!1Hugs,Cordaville

  9. I\’m quite good with the cold vs flu thing, but last month I was so sick that at one point I was convinced I had TB (I had a little bit of hemoptysis, but I think that was because I had been coughing so forcefully that I think the lining of my trachea was irritated…)However, I\’m always suspicious that I have MS every time I trip over something and fall down, and there\’s always that brain tumor that\’s lurking about when I get a head ache 😉

  10. You have to watch the Seinfeld episode "the Heart attack"! George suffers from the same malady as we do. I thought I was alone in my hypochondria. I swear, I even thought I might have prostate cancer for a bit, until I discovered I didn\’t have one…

  11. I think in psych class I diagnosed myself as having just about all the borderline personality disorders, OCD, Bi-Polar……The list continues into the Patho classes where I am sure I have a multitude of diseases. It sounds like a universal phenomenon where we succumb to the textbook diagnosis and fear the worst. Thats the only problem with learning about this stuff. I know personally I am glad I have already had children cause the application of this sort of knowledge to a new pregnancy is daunting to say the least.

  12. This is too funny! I haven\’t even started nursing school yet (I\’m getting ready to start in May) and I have already started self-diagnosing. Last week, I thought I was in the early stages of developing diabetes and just yesterday, I was totally convinced that I was suffering from hyperthyroidism…then I had my boyfriend convinced too…which made it even worse! I was up all night worried about my thyroid!

  13. Hey there! I am also a self diagnoser, but the nurses around me take it down a notch. They always tell me to just keep an eye on it and call the doctor if it gets bigger or worse no matter what condition I think I have. They are much more calm about the situation. If I didn\’t work with them, I just might have to file bankruptcy because I could not afford to pay all the ER bills!

  14. I have read your blog a few times now. It always makes me laugh. Your stories are so entertaining and you sound like you have such a warm heart and soul. Thanks for all the laughs and good luck to you…I know you\’ll be a great nurse!

  15. I do have several health problems (including IBS and bipolar disorder), so I am SUPER paranoid about getting sick! My problem is I am fairly ignorant about diseases (I\’m a psych student, not a nursing student), so I get a symptom and don\’t know what that means! When I kept getting sick a lot, I figured I was being paranoid, so I ignored the problem for two years! Sometimes, being a little bit of a hypocondriac means that you get help when you should, and you don\’t ignore anything for two years! 🙂

  16. (Rolling my eyes and throwing my head back!)I have never self diagnosed myself with any werid or messed up disease or disorder. However, I have miss diagnosed my friends and family a few times.Recently, a friend I work with came to me and had not been keeping food down…the first thing I asked was"are you preggers". To that she replied "no". For two weeks she puked almost everything she ate. I had become worried and she would not go to see her doctor….So I started researching online, possible causes…She matched every symptom in the book for…MALARIA! Turns out she was preggnant! But we joke around about the time she had Malaria!Tricia

  17. Hey Katie! It\’s great to be back and catching up w/ everyone\’s blog! Yours is still entertaining as always! Hope you had a great holiday and are ready for the next semester!Rowan

  18. self-diagnosis? oh, i think most nurses are guilty of this, lol. everytime i wake up in the middle of the nite in a total sweat (like, nite-shirt-soaking-wet-and-sticking-to-my-sternum nite sweat) i think, \’hmmm, maybe i have lymphoma . . \’ since nite sweats are a common and often first symptom experience . . .lol . . . and then there are the headaches that i jokingly call \’my brain tumor flaring up, again . . \’ oh aren\’t we a neurotic bunch?

  19. So I was studying for finals about a month ago when a shooting pain ran up my right quad. I convinced myself that I was suffering from a DVT…and the worst part of it all? My door was shut so my roommates would then find me dead on the floor. Horrific! haha.

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