The evil photo album

Apparantly, we have an evil photo album in our house. Thankfully though, we have Super Isis to save us from this awful album.

We can’t figure out what Isis thinks is wrong with this photo album, but for some reason, she keeps pulling it out from the stack of albums against the wall and trying to tear it apart. There is a picture on the front cover that she has poked many holes in. We will put the album back with the others, and within a few hours, it will be on the floor again with several new holes. Well, at least she’s busy ripping apart photo albums and not throwing up on the carpet, right?


4 thoughts on “The evil photo album

  1. That is hilarious. Aren\’t animals so weird, sometimes? I have my half Siamese, Kenny; and my 70 pound Black Lab mix, Maggie. They sleep curled up together, but both are afraid to death of my three Yorkies who weigh in a 4, 5, and 6 pounds. Kenny and Maggie will not venture upstairs from the basement unless they are together to face the little heathens! They sleep together on the couch in the living room while the three little ones sleep upstairs in Rick and I\’s room. Kenny and Maggie both kill animals i.e. rabbits, rodents, oppossums, bigger than our three little guys. It\’s a trip!Vanita

  2. My uncle\’s dog Sprocket (half poodle/half bijon frisee) has decided that some of his food bits are evil, and he must teach them a lesson before they are to be eaten. He\’ll take one or two pieces over onto the carpet, and then toss them in the air for a while, hide them, and about 30 min later, go back and finally eat them. It\’s quite entertaining to watch!

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