Cat alarm clock

I am sure that many of you cat owners have come to this same conclusion before: the most effective alarm clock would be one that imitated the noise of a cat about to throw up. When I hear the beeping of my alarm clock, I slowly and painfully make myself wake up. But when I hear that distinct hacking, I am up, alert, and searching for the closest thing to put under the cat to catch the vomit, all in under a second. At about 4:30 this morning, I guess I was a little too quick getting up though, because it scared Isis, so she started running while throwing up. The result? An inch wide line of vomit stretching about three feet on the carpet. Stupid cat!! I have to clean it up right away, not because it will stain, but because Isis will find something around my room to "cover" her mess up with. She will drag clothes, paper, towels, whatever she can move with her little paws, and attempt to hide what she has done. Does anyone else have an animal compelled to do this? She even hides Skitzo’s messes. Sometimes when cleaning the clothes off my floor, I find her nice little presents. If my room is actually clean and she can’t find anything to hide it with, she will just sit there and attempt to dig a hole in the carpet. She is declawed, so it doesn’t harm anything, but it’s really annoying when I’m trying to sleep! Animals are so much fun!!

18 thoughts on “Cat alarm clock

  1. I had to laugh–when I originally saw your title, I thought of my cats while growing up… they would wake me up in the middle of the night and want me to love them… and they wouldn\’t take NO for an answer!! lolThe only barfing animal I have right now is my little friend, Scooter. 🙂 Only he doesn\’t try to hide the spit-up… he likes to PLAY in it! lolAs for the disclaimer and patient confidentiality, what a good idea! Something you might want to know… When you save a draft and publish it later, the date that shows on the entry is the original date you *started* the post… not the day you actually published it. Does that make sense? :)Talk to you soon!

  2. Oh my!!! I remember those cat days…I miss my pets. When I lived on Mt. Hood I had three cats and three dogs. The day I had to find homes for them before I moved was a tear jerker…What can I say?But, I do not miss those clean ups!Have a wonderful week…And thank God for nurses.Greg

  3. I forgot to answer your question! We lived in that apartment for six weeks–can you imagine??? It was a mess, but at least Scooter was not crawling yet… :S

  4. How funny is that!! Nope, my cats are all quite happy to leave it for me to step in. Oh, what a joy- to feel cat vomit squished between your toes in the morning!Take care, Carrie

  5. My cats are quite not the same as yours thoughbut it will be SO cute if i\’d ever see them doing that… :DBoth my cats would just sit by their vomit and not moveuntil it is all cleaned up..Yes they are adorable…

  6. Hahaha! Nope, my cat just leaves it – right where we will find it. I have steped onto a warm pile of slop many-a-morning…. >>sigh<< but he\’s so cute I can\’t get too mad…

  7. What a wonderful site…I too have had to deal with cat vomit in the morning, and yes, it wakes me up like nothing else…One time, I was chasing after my retching cat only to scare him into throwing up even more…oh well, at least I got the newspaper down in time…Another thing that you may notice about cats: They never seem to throw up for boyfriends/husbands to find.Hmmm…I love reading your site when I have the chance…it makes me smile…Lynda

  8. Yeah, we have had the same problem with our cat. We hear her start to gag, knowing what is coming next, we will try to get to her and move her to the tile or linoleum, hoping to save the carpet. However, she often gets scared like your cat did, and will run up the stairs leaving a nice long puke trail on each step. I always feel so bad for her when she wretches, cuz i know throwing up is not a fun feeling, but it is also pretty annoying, especially at 4am. I hope your kitty is feeling better. Dustin B.

  9. whats really nice is when u wake up to something tickling your nose, or arm, and you think its a !@#$ spider(big phobia), so u jump up early am, nocking everything over in the process, including a nice fresh glass of water, right into your war comfy spot u have created over the night, ruining the chance of getting back to that peaceful slumber, just to find out the spider says *MEOW*…Dang CAT!!!!AngelaSurviving Student

  10. OMG…you are so funny! I love the way you write. You remind me of one of my good friends from high school.When Asher does this he makes no attempt whatsoever to hide it…it just lays there out in the wide open waiting for me to step in it. And he never throws up on the lenoleum…it\’s ALWAYS on the carpet. Luckily he doesn\’t do this too often!

  11. That\’s what I love about cats, they certainly have their own personalities. I have never heard of a cat cleaning up after themselves! Although, when my cat vomits, the dog is waiting nearby for a taste of the warm and gooey morsel. I wish my cat just covered it up like Isis…

  12. With my 3!!! longhairs, I\’m VERY familiar with the dynamic! Except mine, like many of the other comments, like to leave them for me to step in…. gotta love \’em, otherwise we\’d kill \’em! My ex used to tell me he\’d only seen me move that fast one other time! And that time involved my daughter\’s safety!!! He didn\’t even know I had it in me! The ER geek thinks we could make a fortune making that sound into an alarm clock! I think we might have hit on something! 🙂

  13. Oh wow, see, my little dog–Chester–likes to hop off my bed (bless him for doing that at least) and go UNDER the bed and hack up whatever it is he decided to eat outside while was on one of his little adventures. It used to be really bad when we first moved into the house because he was used only going outside when I wanted living in the apartment. I think he figured it out quickly though and got tired of ralphing every night. Nasty thing is….he now has gotten to the point that he will EAT it again. UGH! He\’s clean about it though and I never have to clean anything up. Isn\’t that just sick?! Strangely enough, you\’d think that if they threw up whatever it was that didn\’t agree with their stomach it would come back up again if they decided to EAT it again….it never does. hmmmm…..

  14. lolI came across your page while blog hopping and I read your entry and just had to laugh.It\’s 5:30am right now and my dog just gave me that urgent.. PLEASE GET UP AND LET ME OUT or I\’m going to pee on the carpet dance.So I rushed to the door half asleep, no glasses, stubbed my toe, held in a cry as to not wake up anyone else that was asleep and do you know what my furry little creature did?Nothing… she just sat on my porch and started at the sky… she lied to me. She did her little pee pee dance for nothing.Well not for nothing… you see I made the mistake of training her to ask to go out by rewarding her with a cookie when she\’s done her business. Well with age she\’s actually gotten smarter and pretends she needs to pee in the middle of the night when all she really wants is a midnight snack.Ohh fun!mtps. I really like it here… is it alright if I link you?

  15. OMG I used to have cats, well many in my time but that\’s besides the point. Nothing woke me up faster than that gross deep sound from my cat that she is going to hack up a fur ball and puke…. my thing wasn\’t to find something to catch it, mine was where\’s that little b*tch now? She\’d always find a nice warm spot on anything left on the floor, books, clothes, movies whatever is there she found it to puke on… so i had to find her and chase her out of my room!! Perhaps I should just be clean and tidy? hahahaha naw too easy, with kids and pets, what\’s the point? 🙂 just kidding! Good luck with everything! 😀

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