I have run into a slight dilemma with this site. Patient confidentiality is a huge deal to me, and before I had many readers, I wasn’t worried about confidentiality as long as I never mentioned what hospital I was at or the names of my patients. But now that there are more of you out there who have seen what I look like, I have started to worry that someone at a hospital might recognize me and see what patient I am working with, then later read about my day- therefore violating my patient’s confidentiality. It’s too late to just take down my picture, so I have come up with a different solution. I will write about my clinical experiences the same as I always have, but I will not publish them on the same day I write them or in any particular order. I also might write about things my classmates experienced. This way, if you see me working with Mr. Jones on Monday, and check my site Monday night, you will have absolutely no way of knowing if I am talking about Mr. Jones, the patient Danielle had, or the patient I had two weeks ago.

I love all of the replies I receive from you guys. Over my break, I spent almost 30 hours replying to all the comments in my guest book. I didn’t make it all the way through, but I do plan on replying to the rest of you as soon as I can. I did intend on replying to everyone who commented on here, but very quickly discovered that this was an impossible task. Therefore, I will only be replying to comments in my guestbook. I do read every single comment you leave with my stories, but I will not be able to reply to those. So, if you want to hear back from me, please post something in the guest book.


6 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. Katie,Good idea. As much as I love reading your stories, I know what a pain HIPPA is, and would rather not see you in any trouble.Have fun going back to the grind (these winter breaks are way too short!) – C.

  2. Yes, I work at a Hospital and HIPPA is good, but a pain in the butt. Yet, it is great that you are so caring about that.Charlene

  3. Well, gee Katie, if you won\’t reply, I guess I should just stop leaving you comments..What do you think? LOL!!Take care, Carrie

  4. I think mixing things up and telling other peoples stories as your own is a great idea. People in the media do it every day… I might even do it…. Naw…, I have too many weird stories of my own to tell, why waste everyones time making them read someone elses tall tale….Thanks for stopping by and reading all of my stories. Hopefully some of them made you smile and you will remember that when you hunt me down, find me, and then use me as your personal pin cushion. Happy New Year!Warren

  5. This is such a great idea. I hate the thought of this wonderful support community being stiffled, and patient confidentiality being such an important aspect of our jobs this is a wonderful compromise. Well done.

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