Resolutions I hope my teachers make

I hope that the following are on my teachers’ New Year’s Resolutions lists:

1. If I tell my students that something will not be on the exam, I will not change my mind without telling them and ask three questions about it.
2. I will actually take the time to look up the page numbers I want my students to read. I will never again just say "Read everything on Parkinson’s Disease," when I really only wanted them to know one of the sections on it.
3. If I make my students spend $100 more to get the newest edition of a book, I will use that book too. I won’t make the study guides and my test questions from the wrong edition and drive my students out of their minds.
4. If I am the evil person behind giving my students 300 pages of reading over a two day weekend, I will not try to blame someone else and act like I am the "student advocate."
5. I will not kick a wonderful person out of the program because she missed the cutoff in a non-nursing related class by 0.1%
6. I will bring a Super Soaker to class, and any time a student starts using my class time as their own "story time," I will shoot them.
7. I will give all students named Katie an automatic A in all classes.
8. When demonstrating how to do an important procedure, I will keep trying until I do it perfectly. I will not mess up and say "Well, pretend like I did it this way…" and continue on.
9. When a student can prove their answer should be correct on a test, I will acknowledge that my students might actually know what they are talking about, and give them credit. Especially if I am going to kick them out of the entire program over one test question.
10. I will proofread my test before I give it. Sudecteans to nout lyke haveing teasts thut arde fuell of typooos. If I fail to proofread my test, I will apologize and not just blame the secretary who typed it up for me, or say "Well we’ve given this exact same exam for three years." Doing something absolutely stupid three times does not make it any less stupid.

*This list excludes you Diane and Marty!!*


17 thoughts on “Resolutions I hope my teachers make

  1. #1-4, 9 and 10 I can totally relate to! That sort of crud happens in our classes all the time, and boy, if you want to see a bunch of type A, perfectionist personalities go nuclear… (actually, it\’s kinda funny!) πŸ™‚ I\’d like to quote this on my blog, but only if I have your permission. πŸ™‚

  2. Hahah.. I can totally relate to #2…The Fundamentals of Nursing book is like..1700 pages or so? The final was cumulative, and we were told to just "study everything". That was *fun*.1 semester down, 3 more to go…

  3. I\’m doing a mad-dash….quick peek online…..and wanted to take a sec to wish ya a great New Year\’s…..see ya around!!!!

  4. *laughing!My favorite is #10–I can\’t count how many copies of copies of copies I\’ve gotten and as you take the test (especially in MATH!) you can\’t figure something out and ONLY upon ASKING does the teacher tell you what it SHOULD say… honestly!How\’re classes going?

  5. speaking of close calls.. i had passed biology A&P(ONLINE…ewww!!) by the skin of my teeth!!…, got a B…a B!!! yay!!!!…for all of us who have not paid attention to anatomy since sex ed class, how many years ago?…lol…,OHH… and the close calls grades… i was at 89.999999(a basic A) percent in my online CIS class.. come on now,, basic computer stuff,,,,, the instructor had then offered a 1 point assignment on the day the class was ending, i did the assignment, to get that A…, well, the teacher didnt grade it(of course not) and FINAL GRADE: B GRRRRRR!!!!… there goes the 3.0 grade average..lolmerry holidays!!Angela

  6. I am going to steal your list and give it my instructors! Maybe it will get their heads outta their butts!! Happy New Year!! Delanie

  7. Good luck to you Katie, not all the teachers are evil you will get an occasional "glenda, the good witch". I have been an RN for a long time and I went back to learn to teach nursing. When I am done I will remember your list. I would like to say that a lot of nursing school is a mind game the instructors play on students. When you get out then its also doctors, patients, families and other nurses get involved in this same game. I hope your a good swimmer. Ha Ha.gina

  8. I love the super soaker in class idea. It drives me NUTS when someone either a) uses discussion time to tell boring, mostly unrelated stories or rants and raves or b) uses up discussion time because they say, um, like, and uh between every three words! I have many online classes and some people even blabber online! I know my little brother has a super soaker around somewhere…Happy New year! I love your blog!

  9. Why do the profs. get to have typos and students cannot? Where is the justice? Since we get marked down for it can they add to the test grade for their typos? Fair is fair…right?

  10. I love you list. I would love permission to forward it to one one of my lecturers. I know he will get a particular kick out of the super soaker idea – as a teacher he has aknowledged how frustrating it is when the same people keep talking about themselves lecture after lecture after lecture after lecture…I cannot believe so many of these "resolutions" are universal – are you sure you don\’t go to University in Queensland (Australia)? My long term ambition is to be a university lecturer so I will keep your list in mind and use it to guide my teaching when I get there!!!

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