Two Group Activities?!?

Mike- I want you to know that I am NOT making fun of your mom by telling this story- you have to admit, this was pretty funny….  😉
Mike’s mom is very friendly, but also very shy, quiet and reserved. Last night we had "game night" at Mike’s house. We were playing Catch Phrase, where you have to get your teammates to say a certain word (kind of like that $20,000 Pyramid game show). The words that came up were things like dog, tuxedo, airplane… Every time it was Mike’s mom’s turn, she would sit there for a few seconds and say over & over, "OH MY GOSH!" and panic because her word was so hard that she could never get us to say it (you are being timed, by the way). She had words such as baseball cap and soccer. This was funny at first, but after a few rounds it got really frustrating because she kept costing us points. Towards the end of the night, she looked at her word and again started with the whole "Oh my gosh’s," but this time, her face was bright red and she really seemed upset. We all started yelling at her to start giving us the clues, and so she finally shouted out, "A group of people having sex!"  Uh…. In unison, we all (Mike’s younger siblings included) replied, "Orgy!!" Who would have guessed that of all the possible words for her to get, she had the card that said "orgy." The box should have come with a warning: Do not play with the entire family- high risk of embarassing situations.

19 thoughts on “Two Group Activities?!?

  1. That\’s so funny, what makes it even funnier is I bet the word actually said \’oragami\’ or something like that… what\’s on her mind?

  2. LOL, Catch Phrase is always a recipe for a laugh. It\’s my favorite game :-)Once I was playing with a group of my friends and on my team I had Phil, who happens to be…shall we say, a little effeminate? I had to get him to guess the word "shave". My clue was "What do men generally do with their face first thing in the morning?" "Cleanse! Exfoliate! Moisturize!" Have you ever laughed so hard no sound came out?

  3. It reminds me of the time I went to see American Pie with my friend and her mom. I was sitting next to her mom while the whole Nadia getting naked scene was on. Hearing her reaction and sittin g next to her was VERY embarrassing. By the way, I love your blog. I\’m a psych major too trying to get into nursing, you\’re an inspiration.

  4. LOL….she gets points for going through with it though! My mom would have rolled over and died if she had to get us to guess that card. Then again, I never play board games with my mom so I guess there is a good reason to continue the absense of board games with my mom…haha. Happy New Year!

  5. My old roomie and I think so much alike that we just tear it up on this game… At one point a group wouldn\’t play let us be on the same team because our minds were one in the same it was awesome. One of our most memorable was I said, "special coat" and everyone in the group was staring at me like wtf is she possibly talking about? Julie screams out straight jacket and from there on it was no more Michaela and Julie. Happy New Year. I couldnt agree more with you and your teachers resolutions!

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