The Grandparents

When my family gathers together for holiday meals, we always end up telling funny stories about each other. Somehow, we started talking about our grandparents babysitting. The first time my parents needed my Grandpa to babysit, they planned on leaving my older brother and me with him for several hours. At the last minute, they decided to take me with them, and told him this while he was watching TV. They got home several hours later, and asked him how everything went. "Great!," he said. "Both babies were just fine." BOTH babies? My parents decided to never let him babysit again.
However, a few years later, my parents really needed a babysitter, and both of my grandparents were available. My parents thought that the two of them together could handle three kids. Everything was going fine until it was time to change my little sister’s diaper. They had no trouble taking off the diaper, but once it was off, they tried to clean it. They tried washing it in the sink, but it just wouldn’t get clean, and parts of it even started coming apart. What do they do?! Two grown men should be able to handle one stinky diaper, so to avoid the embarassment of their failure, they got a shovel and decided to bury the diaper in the backyard. My parents must have returned home a little too soon, because the shovel was still out. They questioned my grandparents about the shovel, and since they were unable to come up with a good excuse, they had to tell my parents what really happened. This is when they were educated on a new invention: disposable diapers.
A year or so later, the other Grandpa was given the chance to babysit my older brother. When my parents got home, they were surprised to see that Pat was sleeping quietly on the floor next to my Grandpa, who was sitting at the table. "How did you get him to sleep so early?!" my parents asked. My Grandpa replied, "Oh, it was no trouble at all. About ten minutes ago, he hit his head on the table, and he’s been sleeping quietly ever since."

18 thoughts on “The Grandparents

  1. <laughing!!> When Scooter gets really, really, really tired, he falls all over the place–it\’s like he doesn\’t have enough energy to push himself to his next position and just fumbles… much like a car that runs out of gas in the middle of the freeway! So when he starts falling, it\’s always a good sign to me that he\’s ready for a nap… :DI don\’t know if I\’d have the courage to let you start an IV on me… lol! Not because of your skill level (okay, maybe a little because of that), but because I\’m dreadfully afraid of needles. It\’s getting better every day…I\’m glad your Christmas went so well!! xoxo

  2. O….M…..G (Where\’s that freaked out smiley when I need him?)Stumbled across your blog…and have enjoyed reading.Hope you had a good Christmas!God Bless!

  3. I hope you had a great Christmas! …I am ashamed of myself… I got to that last part of the story and burst out laughing when his response was that your brother had hit his head. Now as a reader, that was funny but as a parent… I\’d be soooooooo upset.Oh well… I think I\’ll have to read it again to check the "appropriatness" of my laughter, LOL 😉

  4. I\’m sorry, but I have to lol on that one. Is that bad?! Its just kinda funny when you look back on it. Maybe they shouldn\’t watch your cats. ever.

  5. Hey there, just responding to your comment in my blog: "That is a weird fortune!! LOL.. What is audio engineering?"Audio engineers are the people in the recording studio with the artist running those big mixing boards. Producers are also audio engineers except they work more closely with the musicians and help them to fine-tune their music. Audio engineers just run the boards, generally. My major covers that and also the music business. So I could either run a nightclub, be a producer, a sound technician that travels with musicians on tour, etc. I just hope I can get a job when I get out… 🙂

  6. Hey Katie!It has been a while since I got to stop by or even update my own space so I am catching up tonite! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you the best in the coming New Year!Happy Holidays!Rowan & Scout

  7. Tell your Grandpa that he\’s welcome to sit ANY TIME! 🙂 Our baby sitter is 12 and her folks won\’t let her come over alone yet! 🙂 Pish posh! When I was 12, I was experienced! lol Tell Grandpa that it\’s *warm* in Florida, too… 🙂 And we\’ve got an extra bed… lolYou\’re not missing anything with the duck… And I DID add ranch to the potatoes–yummmmm… I put in all kinds of stuff that should never be mixed together because they multiply against themselves to create outrageous fat content! :)Take care and talk to you soon! 🙂

  8. I feel like laughing, but not sure if I should. Since I assume your brother is okay, I will laugh ; ) LMAOI loved my Grandpa and Grandma babysitting!I\’m keeping weird hours since I got out of the hospital; hence, the 3:00 a.m.ish blog walk.Vanita

  9. TOOOOOOO FUNNY! I feel that same way about Haddie\’s grandpa–who let her do a faceplant he could have prevented off the couch in front of us all. I made a mental note to NEVER leave her alone with him!!!

  10. Hi Katie, I liked reading about your grandfathers babysitting experences. We have a lot of little ones here.Our 6yr son, our foster children boy 4 girl 3. Our 26yr daughter and her 3 babies have been here sence Oct. 21 when baby was born. Her boyfriend comitted sucide last Feb. (overdosed on tylennal)(sp). We have 7 children total + 2 foster. Our adult children are Boy35,b33,b31,b29, girl adopted 26, b19,b6. Bye now, Thanks for stories

  11. omg, it\’s so wrong to laugh….My father\’s mother had a bit of a drinking problem, and for some reason, my parents had her babysit me while they went somewhere. When they came home, I was toddling around the house with a pack of matches and my grandmother was passed out on the couch.They didn\’t let her babysit me ever again… :/

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