My Christmas present

When listing off the best Christmas presents, people usually name things like electronics and clothes. While these are great, I received something much better tonight: my sister and her boyfriend, Mark, taught me how to start an IV. And, Mark let me practice on his arm. YAY!!! I started my first IV, and I did an ok job!! I honestly don’t think I could have asked for anything better. At my school, we have so many students and so few resources that I have only practiced poking a dummy with a needle to start an IV once. My second attempt was supposed to be on a real patient who would have no idea that I had no clue what I was doing. I’m sure you can imagine how stressful this has been for me- every day at clinicals I have been praying that I wouldn’t have to start an IV. Now, I am so much more confident, and I was blessed to have such wonderful, patient teachers. So, Mary Ann and Mark, from the bottom of my heart (and all of my future patients’ hearts) THANK YOU!!! 

To the rest of you, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate)!




Edit: My little brother, Michael, read this entry and was upset that I talked about the IV as being my best present. He thought his gift was better. I’ll leave this one up to you guys. Here are a few of the things right off his dresser that he included in my gift:

Cross country punk. 🙂


17 thoughts on “My Christmas present

  1. omigosh! god bless MARK!! I hate having IVs but I have those ROLLING viens that look really tempting. But they roll every dang time. The good nurses will LISTEN to me and put it in the back of my hand. But that was REALLY great of Mark to let you practice.I came to wish you a Merry Christmas!!!

  2. I just spent four days in the hospital! I have horrible veins — they are really deep. Of course every nurse would only stick my twice and then get someone else; but after three or four nurses … it adds up. They finally got one in a vein that goes over my wrist bone … Ouch! It didn\’t last, so I got a supervisor to give me a new one a couple days later.I usually get a PICC line.I had excellent nurses, okay nurses, and one crappy one I am going to write to the DON and complain. Of course, I\’ll praise the good ones too.Your sister\’s boyfriend sounds amazing. What a gift!Merry Christmas, Katie!Vanita

  3. Congrats! I like doing IVs. Before we could be checked off to practice on people, we had to get 5 supervised sticks on a dummy. Then, we had to get 2 successes on classmates. By the time I got to a real patient, I felt really good about it! It just takes time and practice!Merry Christmas!

  4. WOW !!!!! thats great Katie! My wife Sharon has a hard time getting IV\’s. Sometimes takes many trys and more than one person. Years ago and Army sargent type nurse was trying to give my OLD mom an IV she was hurting mom so much. I asked her to get someone else. Merry Christmas, Katie

  5. I think the IV test was the better present. That is something I\’ve often wondered about…the learning of how to insert an IV. I\’ve always wondered whether the students practiced on each other since willing patients are probably not readily available. I asked my boyfriend if he would let me practice on him and he declined. Maybe I\’ll find another volunteer.

  6. Katie,Congrats on your first real IV stick. I am already stressing out about my first time, and I havent even started school yet. My wife was nice enough to bring home an IV kit and has agreed to let me practice on her. Talk about love…wow. I hope i dont cause her too much pain. I\’ll write about it on my blog, once i finally get the courage to actually try. Anyway, good job on your first time and before you know it I am sure you will be an old pro at it.Dustin B.X-ray Tech Student

  7. Thats awesome! I am so glad that you got to practice on him. I am taking the class to not have that stress. Thats something that I would consider a good present too! Hope Christmas was great !

  8. That\’s great! I work with so many nurses that were so nervous about giving IVs. Now they are some of the best. One of them even gets called to different floors to give IVs to the more difficult and apprehensive patients. Your sister\’s boyfriend is VERY brave! haha.

  9. Awesome present! My nursing class wouldn\’t let us start IV\’s on each other because of the liabilities, so we had to practice on dummy arms that, by the looks, were practiced on many, many times before. We also had a computer simulation that helped with the steps, so when we got to clinicals, we knew what to do in what order. We were also lucky enough to have a day in an endoscopy lab where we got to start IV\’s all day long. I have more problems with what to do after the needle is in that sticking it. I usually get blood all over the place. Guess I will, as you say,"fake it till I make it". I can say though, I feel more confident with each IV I have to start. Thank goodness I have some very patient and teaching nurses that I work with now. (I graduated in December and take my boards on the 10th. I have worked as an LPN since last year, but couldn\’t do RN duties until I was a GN) Not to mention some very sweet patients that aren\’t afraid of a new nurse. Hint: if you don\’t feel comfortable starting IV\’s in clinicals, at least watch the nurse do it and pay attention to their technique. And never be afraid to ask them questions!Good luck!

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