Things I learned from my boyfriend

1. I do not have to be perfect. My little imperfections are some of the things he treasures the most about me.
2. I do not always have to be right. I usually am right, but on those rare off-days, he’ll love me anyways.
3. The solution to a loud squeaking/clunking from my engine is NOT to just turn the radio up.
4. When a man says, "Why don’t you just let me fix…" just say no!!!
5. When using the bathroom at night, always check the toilet seat, because it will be left up.
6. It is actually possible to have (future) in-laws you love.
7. Some people actually can have just one piece of chocolate.
8. Even though he claims he doesn’t like my cats, I caught him pouring filtered water into the fountain they drink out of… so even when he tries to be a jerk about something, he is still a sweetie.
9. Not everyone sneezes when they look at a bright light.
10. Sometimes when men try to be comforting, they make the situation worse (like the time I thought I would have to put Isis to sleep, and Mike said, "Aww, babe, don’t worry. We can have her stuffed and put on your mantle." Thanks Mike.
11. Concrete and cement are not the same thing.
12. Some people don’t consider my hair all over the bathroom counter to be "art."
13. Pulling the comforter up over the messed up sheets does not count as "making the bed."
14. When a guy is confident enough, he will actually feel pride (not jealousy) when his girlfriend is hit on in a bar in front of him.
15. "Let’s talk about this later" actually means, "Please God, let her forget about this!!"
16. When I hear, "Awww… Katie, come in here, ha ha…" from the other room, DO NOT ENTER THE ROOM for about five minutes.

10 thoughts on “Things I learned from my boyfriend

  1. I guess I have it good with the toilet situation… Not only does Scooter\’s Daddy flush and put the seat down, he even has been trained to WIPE off the rim!! How\’s THAT for good! I told him he either had to do it, or he got daily bathroom duty so I didn\’t barf when using the bathroom. 🙂 lolThat was a fabulous list!! I am thinking about checking out your flashcards–maybe *after* Christmas. :)xoxox!

  2. Katie-I think you\’re fabulous. Thank you for this awesome place where I can feel I start the nursing program in January, and your insight has been very encouraging to me. Thank you. I\’m a single mother of a 3 1/2 year old girl, and I\’m extremely apprehensive about entering the nursing program in my area (I\’ve been on the waitlist for almost 3 years). I\’m sure you get lots of mail (at least you should), but I hope that you know you\’ve been a real encouragement to me. Thank you, and good luck to you. Merry Christmas!

  3. very nice your blog!really!Merry christmas from italyDavidewhere do you study? (which university?) I\’m graduating my (like a) "ph.D" in Milan university, here in italy in Food tecnologies.Sometimes I\’ll pass here, because I like reading what persons of my age do in the other side of the ocean!(sorry for my english but isn\’t my language)ciaociao

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