The scratch

I’m in Dallas visiting Mike, and he let me drive his car around yesterday while he was at work. Mike’s car is his baby. I think I was more nervous driving it than I was taking my pharmacology final. His car is black, and when I walked up to it after leaving the store, I noticed two new scratches on the hood. They were off white, so I thought they were down to the metal. My heart almost stopped beating. Do I just go right to the car shop and get it fixed so he doesn’t find out!? I ran my finger along one of them to see how deep they really were, and made an important discovery: bird poop. I just ran my finger in bird poop. LOL… well, at least they weren’t scratches, right?

13 thoughts on “The scratch

  1. It is unnerving to drive a another\’s vehicle…..specially one which they put so much pride……earlier this year….I borrowed my Sis\’ pride and joy……and someone sideswiped the entire driver\’s side…..while I was at a movie theater…..I was way more upset than my sister!!!!

  2. well i guess the bird crap is the lesser of two evils. but you would be amazed about how when something bad happens to a car the owners dont see it as that big of a deal…its fixable

  3. Wow, bird poop looks like scratches….thanks, I now have a way to play a practical joke on my friend who has a porsche. Are all of the people in your random pics in nursing school?

  4. Hello Katie: What a shock! Well at least everything went ok, except for your finger of course. Lol It’s a really funny story. Ilka : )

  5. HI, Katie! I\’m SO EXCITED that you\’re in Dallas!!! Give Mike a hug for me–even though I realize it\’s a little weird he doesn\’t know who I am <grin>! Okay–videos! I\’ll tell you what–I\’ll post a new video right after I leave this note. I check my e-mail (girl_bookworm at pretty regularly throughout the day, so e-mail or leave a comment to let me know you\’ve seen the video and I\’ll switch it to the next one.Here\’s the thing, though–I was meaning to upload some REALLY CUTE, new video but the server I usually post to is having space issues until they get their new, big server delivery… So I can\’t put the MOST recent ones up–which is awful because we have cute footage of banana-mushing.I\’ll be back tomorrow to read your blog–we had Aunt Tabitha here and I\’ve been on break over the weekend. :DBe good! And ENJOY your time with Mike! 🙂

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