What I learned in class

I did not want to sit through eight hours of class today. But I am glad I forced myself to go, because I actually learned something pretty important: When I play connect-the-moles on my left bicep, I can form an almost-perfect star! You should try it sometime. If it can get me through Health Management II, it could probably get you through anything.




31 thoughts on “What I learned in class

  1. I\’m so glad you were able to leave w/ such an invaluable lesson! It may just be the secret to acing finals!(The things we learn in school nowadays <sigh>)LOLTake care!Rowan

  2. Hey thanks for checking out my site! 8 hours of lecture!! Thats crazy! I can\’t believe you\’ll have your BSN in just a one year program! I\’m in a 2 year ASN, RN program! I\’m going to do an online RN to BSN when I\’m done, and apparently that is only a year of online classes if you kick butt! I just can\’t imagine being you right now!! Do you guys go straight through for a year? I\’m finishing up my first semester right now! Great site! Love your stories… especially yesterday\’s… I discovered how out of shape I was today when I had arm fatigue from carrying around a 12 lb bag of cat food and a jug of milk for 10 minutes! So sad!Anyways have a great winter break…. if you get one at all!

  3. hehe…i can\’t believe i went through four years of college and one year of post graduate classes and never ever thought to play connect the dots with my own bicep! You could also make a lovely stick figure with those dots lol!

  4. I never would have thought to do that! LOL I was laughing so hard reading about your keychain light!!!!!!!!! You don\’t have enough space on your blog for me to list all the stupid things I\’ve done!Cordaville

  5. hahaha!!! I swear, it\’s amazing the things your brain will come up with when it disengages from a really boring lecture. Is your health management class a policy-type class, or is it a "this is how you keep people healthy" class? Frankly, the title alone induces yawning. 😉

  6. (smacks self on head..) Why didn\’t I think of that! And I couldn\’t possibly have stories to tell you about stupid stuff I do, cuz I NEVER do anything stupid. hahahahaha Well, at least not in the last several hours.Nice site, btw.Tami

  7. What flavor is my watch? It\’s MOMMY-flavored, of course! Well, now, it\’s baby-slobber-flavored, but it\’ll be ripe for gnawing before long! :)As for mole-studying, you\’re coming right along in your liberal education… lol In my own experience, I\’ve learned such things as…* There are 50,365,395 spots on average in one ceiling tile.* It takes about 5 minutes, 36 seconds for my bum to go numb in math classes, 6 minutes, 2 seconds in French classes, and 30 seconds flat in history classes.I\’m sure there are more, but I wanted to say something else and this comment is already too long… I\’ve tried the EYEBROW-WATCHING trick! First, I tried it with Scooter. His eyebrows don\’t move, so I didn\’t have anything to say for five minutes (unheard of). Then I tried it with Scooter\’s Daddy and after a few minutes of uh-huhs in rhythm with eyebrows, he asked me how much caffeine I had had that day. <sigh> You can\’t win them all… I\’m glad it works for you! lol!

  8. LOL! My stepdaughter tried to count all the moles on my arms and legs once… after the left arm she got bored and quit, saying "I don\’t think I can count that high yet"

  9. Hello Katie!Wow that is very funny. Lol Last night I was playing connect-the-stars with my mom and my sister. We were on the roof of our house making new constelations. It was nice and fun. Ilka

  10. Haha… thats funny. I have had some pretty boring lectures, but I have never done that. I usually fell asleep which usually wasnt so bad, except for once in A&P 2. I fell asleep sitting up, and woke up about 20 minutes later. I looked down and saw a long string of drool from my lower lip to my to a small puddle on my notes. I tried wiping it off before anyone saw… but apparently it had been there for a while. Even the professor saw. Oops!BTW I am a 1st semester nursing student, and just started reading your blog. Your quite interresting.

  11. Ha…the moles on my left arm make an almost perfect straight line. It\’s awesome.But anyways, nice space you\’ve got here! ;)–Colleen

  12. Ok tried connecting the dots on my bicep. I end of with some floral arrangement. What do you think this means?Oh yeah, thanks for the warning about not using permanent markers!!! Medical people…..huh!!!Enjoy your space…like the makeup face thing….It will inspire me to post a simular story called "Saving the face of a primate" Take care. and congrats on the best of MSN!!! Happy Holidays

  13. I once made a similar comment re: my freckles after watching "Serendipity" where he draws the big dipper on her arm. Only my beloved husband then retorted back, "Well then YOU could draw the entire Milky Way."Thanks, Honey….

  14. I SAW the comment you were talking about–oh my goodness! LOL It looks like it\’s a GUY who left the message… ! You started your new semester already? That\’s crazy! Of course, you said that you were in an accelerated program, didn\’t you. How do you think you did on this test? No, no, don\’t answer that. Go study! 😀

  15. how did u fine out that u could make a star on your bicept? don\’t get me wrong i thinks it\’s cool, just wonderin how u came about to finding that out?

  16. I have a heart shaped birthmark on my arm and one on my bootie that looks like a hicky. lol Bordom can lead to amazing discoveries, well… like… well, finding out that I visited your site BEFORE you became "best of". Humbled I am. Congrats! Hope to see you soon. Since you are now sitting at the "cool" table… would you throw some of your tater tots at me? I am over at the "nerd table" just follow the link to my page. Great Job.I recently spent a week at the hospital, with wonderful people like you.. and wish I could go back (except for the illness part). Again, Congratulations!

  17. hi,i am a student from China.and i read your blog ,it\’s great.do u want to know a old country from me ,and i will improve my English by this!

  18. I sat in Math class the other day and started to count thr strands of hair on my head. So glad that class is almost over! LOL Have a good holiday! ~Erma

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