The keychain light

I bought this cute little keychain flashlight a few days ago, and was so excited tonight when I needed to use it to navigate my way through my garage in the dark. When I reached the door, I was digging through my purse looking for my keys. I even shone the light in the purse to help in my search. They were nowhere. "Thank God I have this light to help me search for them," I thought. So I started retracing my steps shining the light on the ground. I only made it a few feet before realizing that the keys were attached to the light.

I want to thank MSN for featuring my site, and all of you for stopping by and reading about my day. I love your comments, and will try my best to respond to all of you over my Christmas break. It is wonderful to read the encouraging notes from current RN’s, and to know that all of you students out there understand exactly what I am going through. And Mike, you are truly amazing.
And just in case some of my patients come across this site, I wanted to take a second to say "thank you." I have learned so much from each of you, and I will never forget you. Thank you for teaching me that it is good to laugh at myself, that it is ok to admit I don’t know the right answer, that I can cry with you without feeling stupid, and that even people who seem harsh sometimes just need someone to sit with them and hold their hand. Thank you (and your family members) for your patience, words of encouragement, and wonderful senses of humor.


18 thoughts on “The keychain light

  1. Katie,I just know that you are going to be a wonderful nurse. I love this entry! I am sure all your patients are grateful for your kindness and warmth. I know sometimes their gratitude is not always apparent, but one day even the cranky ones will thank you in their own way!I have definitely run into my share of cranky patients, but they often come back to me and apologize and thank me with a hug. It\’s a great feeling!Keep up the great work, enjoy your weekend, and Good Luck!Rowan

  2. hi katie,this was my 1st visit 2 ur blog n nw i think i\’ll be a regular 2 this 1. i\’m n indian n let me tell u that the environment in indian hospitals is gr8, but not the nurses.ur blog kinda makes me wish that v hd a few nurses like u here.i\’m gonna undergo n operation in january n i wish that the doctors n nurses who heal me r as sweet,sincere n warm as u.gud luck 4 ur future n i hope u graduate this yr.(btw: i really like ur tendency of learnin gud things frm ppl u dont even know. Gud Job THE LADY WITH THE LAMP(or rather FLASHLIGHT)!!!!!aparajita

  3. Because of your site I decided to start my own….of course it has basically NOTHING on it just yet, but everyone has to start somewhere right 🙂 As for the light on the key chain…just like looking for your glasses and they are still on your head right?! Take care!

  4. Hello, Cute Katie!The results are in–303 hits yesterday. How\’d you do? 😀 No, don\’t answer that–you\’re going to be busy answering the 303 messages you received over the last couple of days! <laughing>Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I am no RN, but I do know what it is like to navigate waters that are unfamiliar. So, in some small sense, I know a little of what it is like.:)

  6. I can\’t believe ANYBODY would think you were mean to your patients!!!!! You\’re just about the nicest person I know–almost a verbatim quote to my husband yesterday when talking about you. You have my permission to delete every one of those mean comments and to instantly forget about them! I have not seen an entry yet that offends me, so you have nothing to worry about. 🙂 You really didn\’t need the extra stress while you were trying to study, either. If I were closer, I\’d figure out a meeting place for us between my house and yours and give you the biggest hug–then Scooter\’d give you a big, slobbery baby kiss. Then, I\’d wave my magic wand, and Mike would be right there with something from the nursing department that said you didn\’t have to take your finals after all because you\’re such a great nurse! 🙂 Really, keep your chin up, and remember that you\’ll be making more money than all of those negative finger-pointers combined!!!!! (Enough exclamation points for you?? lol)We\’re thinking of you and rooting you along! xoxo

  7. Dear Katie,I just wanted to thank you for regularly visiting my site and esp for the wonderful comment you left me this morning! Comments like that really inspire me to dig deep and tell the best stories I can. Thank you so much!As for your offer: I will definitely call you if I run into Mr. Buffo Frog (or any of his friends!) again! Especially if I have the misfortune of getting poisoned and need a nurse!Take care!Rowan

  8. Katie,I just finished Nursing school on Wednesday. I cannot tell you what a feeling it is to finally be done. I have felt the same way you have. Especially the post about it seems everyone else knows what they are doing but me!! It was great to know that I am not alone. I just wanted to wish you luck! You will be done before you know it!Anna

  9. Katie, you are so funny! I saw that one coming as soon as I saw "keychain flashlight". I think we\’ve all done similar stuff…But YOU, my dear, have the guts to admit it!Congrats again on your new-found fame!!Take care, Carrie

  10. Nice space Katie,I\’m not an RN, just a plain old firefighter. 😉 But I know how it is to be treading in unfamiliar territory. Right now I\’m working as a contract firefighter for the US Dept. of Defense in Kuwait. Stop by my site sometime and stay safe out there…Will

  11. That\’s too good. I think we\’re taught to trouble shoot and critically think too much that we forget the obvious (like the keys in our hand or the glasses on our head) =)Take care and good luck with nursing school! Looks like you\’re in good company and I\’m sure we\’ll all get through this together!Cindy

  12. Katie,You\’re a very clever girl. Just wanted to drop a line and say that your stories give me a laugh when I usually need it. Keep up the hard work and studying it will all pay off in the end!Regards,Valery

  13. I\’m enjoying stopping by your blog. I\’m in a situation that has meant that I\’ve spent more time with nurses than ever before, in my life. You people ROCK! Thanks for choosing a vocation that is so very important.

  14. congrats on deciding to go into the nursing field. i am sure you will LOVE it… a few tips for you as you reach toward your goal1.remember you are in it for the patients.. they are what truly matters2. NEVER give up.3. when you have a down day, a day when you think you can\’t do this anymore.. remember the good days.4. not all nurses "eat their young" so put your chin up and go on.5. in this field you learn EVERY day medicine is always changing.6. be an advocate for your patients, sometimes management looks at the numbers and forgets that patients are human beings.7. GO FOR IT!!!! nursing has so many avenues and opportunites, that when you think you are getting burnt out.. find another avenue.8. you are never alone.from one nurse to another.. keep moving forward there is light at the end of the tunnel

  15. I totally agree with the first comment. You have to be willing to be a nurse for free it is for your patients and not for the money. If this is not the case then you will turn away from nursing. It is a good paying career but one that is very demanding and draining. Nurses that have gotten into for the wrong reason would not go back to it for all the money in the world. You will understand soon. Good Luck.

  16. What makes people suddenly go so blank like that? I ate at a restaurant and paid and left, and got about 2 blocks away and thought, "Oh hell, my glasses!". I went back – checked my table – no glasses. Asked the Matre d\’ – but no one had turned them in. I left disgusted, because they were relatively new. After I left I realized I had them on! No – not pushed up on my forehead – I was looking thru them the whole time. I haven\’t a clue why I thought I didn\’t have them or how I could go thru all that without realizing I had them on. Just one of those days – the maitre d\’ probably is still talking about the kinds of weirdos he has to deal with… I guess though he must have thought I was talking about a second pair, becasue SURELY he would have said something?

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