It’s your turn!!

I do plenty of stupid things. You guys know this by now from reading my blog. Now, I want to hear about your stories. And this isn’t limited to nurses or nursing students- I know all of you have at least one good story about the time you really messed things up or just weren’t using your brain. So why not post it here for all of us to enjoy and learn from?

Please keep all stories appropriate! And if you are in the medical field, try not to use language that non-medical people won’t understand.
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  1. Oh you\’ll love this one. On my first patient, when I was making an occupied bed, I put the bottom sheet, draw sheet and top sheet all at the same Then when I rolled the guy back over, I finally realized it! lol. He was laying on the top sheet.

  2. I read in your blog about you going to the wrong car at one point or another. Well….about 2 years ago when I was taking the test to get my drivers license, i was extremely nervous b/c I knew I\’d screw up some how!!– So…I decide I"m going to get confident and all and I paraded out to my car with the test lady. Well, I tryed to unlock the door, and I was having an awful time getting it unlocked….i casually glance in the backseat and theres a carseat and a breastfeeding how-to book in the back. I was like geeeezzz…..i failed this one and I haven\’t even gotten into my car yet. I was completely mortified. so…..I just hurried up and turned around with my head down…and quickly walked to MY car and got in. The lady looked at my like I was the dumbest person on earth….she stood there just shaking her head in disbelief. But I passed…so it turned out alright!!!

  3. Yes katie we all do stupid things but my stupid events usually occur in the car. Lets just say i might not be the best driver, but i compensate my lack of driving skills with my wits and personality. A couple of years ago when i was young and stupid i almost hit a police car. Yikes huh. But luckily I have enough wits to stand up to the police and talk my way out of it. It happened like this. I was turning right in a dark residential area. I noticed a car parked on the oppsite side of the street without headlights on. So I took an extreme wide right and almost hit the car. I thought to myself luckily no on was there. Just as i said that i looked in my rearview mirror only to see flashing lights. I pulled over upset that i almost hit a police car. As the officer approached the car he gave me the whole speal and stated that he could arrest me. That shocked me and made my sassy personality come out. I told him that if he would have had his headlights on i never would have come that close to his car. Long story short i got out of it.

  4. Oh, Scott\’s occupied bed change story reminds me of the years I spent working as a CNA! Working nights in a nursing home helped me become a pro at occupied bed changes (for my licensing practical, I was the only person in the hall chanting "Occupied bed change! I want an occupied bed change!" – and I actually got it!) But, yeah, until you get used to doing them… crazy! I think I had one time I put the flat sheet on the bottom and the fitted on top… not good!I can\’t think of anything really witty at the moment, but a few years ago, I was working as a ward clerk in a large hospital while I finished up my undergrad – on a particularly stressful day, I accidently discharged the wrong patient from our computer system. No harm done, but I felt like a moron having to call up the patient administrative office to have them reopen the account. To make matters worse, I had to reschedule about 15 appointments ranging from physical therapy to pulmonary function testing. bleh!

  5. I am an RN on a psych unit. Recently we recieved a new patient who has anxiety disorder.I\’ll call him "John"…had to use the bathroom.He weighs 261 pounds and is not easy to get out of bed.Anyway I got him into a wheel chair and wheeled him into the rest room.After getting him situated I needed to help another patient and he rang the emergency bell in the rest room.My partner and I ran into the bath room and As I arrived I headrd John ask if she was the nice lady that showed him where Albany was.The look on my partners face was classic and I could\’nt stop laughing because at that moment that was that important to john to ask that question.I love working this unit.

  6. I am an RN on a psych unit. Recently we recieved a new patient who has anxiety disorder.I\’ll call him "John"…had to use the bathroom.He weighs 261 pounds and is not easy to get out of bed.Anyway I got him into a wheel chair and wheeled him into the rest room.After getting him situated I needed to help another patient and he rang the emergency bell in the rest room.My partner and I ran into the bath room and As I arrived I headrd John ask if she was the nice lady that showed him where Albany was.The look on my partners face was classic and I could\’nt stop laughing because at that moment that was that important to john to ask that question.I love working this unit.

  7. Hang in there, Katie. Eventually you finish school and then there is something that resembles a normal life with time to pursue other interests again. It is worth what you are going through and surrendering right now to finish your degree. Working as a nurse can provide you some facinating experiences. The impact that you will have on peoples lives is profound and longlasting. I have been a nurse for 30+ years and have women approach me who remember me from when I first started in nursing. We deal with people during very vulnerable periods in their lives. Treating your patients kindness and allowing them whatever dignity can be salvaged in the healthcare setting will help you to have the kind of impact that keeps me getting up each day and going back again. I know what I do is important.

  8. Stupid things…there have been so many. I did this as a nurse and I was spiking some pressure tubeing (basically its tubing a nurse uses when were transducing arterial lines, which are invasive catheters that sit in the artry. this allows us to take a internal bllod pressure, without having to use a blood pressure cuff). Well, for some reasson I thought I could spike my bag when it was under pressure( meaning the fluid has to be placed in a pressures bag 300 mm hg in orders o obtain a blood pressure from the arterial line). I didn\’t release the fluid from the pressure and I ended up giving myself and the patient a shower. ooooooooops. Another nurse came in the room and asked me what the hell was I doing ,and I said taking a shower of coarse.

  9. Hi there:I\’m wondering if you would care to shed some light on what you are taught/have learned regarding doctor\’s orders to a nurse to administer a prescribed medicine to a patient.Specifically, can you tell me if you are allowed to deviate from the doctors order. Thanks for your input.Mike

  10. When I was a medic in the Air Force, several moments stand out. I was known as somewhat of an IV expert, as I could get stick on people that the Nurses could not. Once I was called into the room of a patient who was in labor and dehydrated. 3 nurses had tried and failed…so I used a Blood Pressure cuff to get her veins to expand, and started the IV, as I went to connect the line, I withdrew the needle and proceeded to forget to release the Blood Pressure cuffs air bladder. Blood literally went flying, on me, the wall, the floor, everywhere…luckily the patient had her eyes closed, and I asked that she kept them closed while I cleaned up the area. My supervisor, upon seeing me commented "Is it your time of the month?", considering I am of the male species, the comment was funny.Twice while doing CPR, I neglected to use an AMBU Bag (Mask with Bladder to do breaths for CPR) on the patients, and twice got to taste the patients last meals…both times, Beef Stroganoff…one word…yuck.

  11. Its so encourageing to read your blog… I\’m not a nurse or even in med school. (and likely never will be) I\’m hoping to get into photojournalism but right now I work on a dairy farm to pay for my tuition fees. And I could write a book full of all my stupid mistakes… (I\’m sure if they could those cows would be holding their sides laughing at me) Nice to know I\’m not the only one… Take Care and good luck on your future!Natasha

  12. I was so relieved to read about the mistakes you\’ve made. Thank you! I\’ve gotten INTO the wrong car three times in my life and one of those times I had my children with me. "Get in" I was so exasperated because my daughter, age 10 then, wouldn\’t get in. My son, age 7, did so obediantly but didn\’t want to. "There\’s your car over there mom!" screams my daughter. Whoops. It was nearly the same color. I\’ve worn one brown, one black shoe to work, put the milk in the microwave after using it, and once turned my workplace (along with my coworkers) upside down looking for my keys only tio discover they were in my jacket pocket. In my weak defense, the coat was hanging on the coat rack.I making a mid-life career change to become a nurse and am relieved that these personality "glitches" can be present in someone pursuing the medical field. I\’ve thought that to avoid accidentally making a fatal mistake perhaps I should become a medical writer. Now I feel reassured.

  13. I have plenty of stupid mistakes. I am a RN in the Emergency Dept and we are all a diffrent breed in there! There is one thing I am really good at and it is starting IV\’s. We get a lot of IV drug users where I work so you eventually get good at it. One time I was starting a line in this little old lady who was a very hard stick. Everyone had already tried and she was getting sick of us sticking her. The place I found was in the back of her arm. So I had to put her arm in a funny position to get a good angle and see the vein. After I placed the IV and put her arm back down I realized I had place the IV going the wrong direction. (towards the hand and not towards the heart) I was so angry at myself! Luckly I was able to take it out and place it the other direction in pretty much the same spot! I was really mad I had to admit to the lady I screwed up. Thank God she wasn\’t mad and let me try agian.

  14. Hi Katie, thanks for some great laughs. I\’m also a nursing student. I also have psych degrees, actually big juicy psych degrees that don\’t pay…here I am twice your age (almost) and decided to go back to school…nursing. I graduate in 5 months and 15 days. Can you tell I\’m ready? Can totally relate to the exercise thing (aka lack thereof)….I just told my classmates that what we should have told the incoming students is to be prepared to become a big tub of lard plopped on the couch. Since all you get to do is read….how many days since I started school have I not fallen asleep with my face in a book. Does my bed know who I am????Have you put in a catheter yet? It\’s nothing like the dummies in lab. The male dummy stays nice and firm…not one teacher gave us the heads up that one should expect the real thing to decide "hey whoa, I\’m gettin\’ outta here" when you just get started. And you thought fumbling with the catheter was going to be the challenging part. Then there\’s the female… how come the textbooks show a million photos of the male anatomy (as if it isn\’t obvious where the cather goes in that) but only show little cartoony drawings of the female anatomy. They do tell us, it will be hard to find. This week, I got a chance…hard to find, no kidding. After one muffed attempt, I did achieve success! (Lucky lady was on an epidural). My teacher told me that on the first attempt, I was trying to insert into the wrong organelle (you can guess which) and I told her that I knew that was going to happen since I have never seen what I am looking for. Not for lack of trying….you can\’t get a mirror set up at an angle to see your own. Love the Nov 28 entry. One of my instructors said to me, "is this what nursing school is doing to you?" YES! Well, finals are this week. Gotta go stick my head back in the book. Aire

  15. Holy Crap, do I ever have an I-seriously-screwed-up story for you. Not many people are willing to share something like this, just because it\’s soooo awful, believe me, I still have nightmares. OK. Working on a surgical floor, you get a variety of pt\’s. On a particularly busy night, I admitted a man that had some pretty extreme bleeding in his urinary tract (somewhere). His blood levels were low and the MD came in to see him, was debating taking him to surgery that night or not. He finally concluded to do it in the morning and keep a CBI (continuous flow of saline into and out of the bladder) flowing all night. This was already an order and was in effect, but he wanted the rate to be "fast". "Fast" meaning I had to be in the room changing a 10 liter bag every hour and a half or so, and emptying his foley contents as well. As I\’ve already established, it was super busy, and unfortunately, I miscalculated the time it would take for his bag of fluid to finish. I had another bag in there waiting, but, I didn\’t notice when the bag ran dry. Yeah, the bag ran DRY. BAD BAD BAD! It was too late at that point, I couldn\’t suck any clots out, he was in extreme pain, and we had to take the guy to emergency surgery that night. Talk about feeling dumb and inadequate. It\’s times like these when you wonder how anyone ever let you do this to other people. Fortunately, however, lesson was learned, and CBI\’s will NEVER run dry on my shift, EVER! So, if anyone can top that, at least it would make me feel better!

  16. Not so much a screw up as just plain funny. I had been working on a traumatic brain injury floor, one of the residents had expressive apahsia and had been taking speech therapy. He came up to me and asked if he "could I borrow you for a minute" I said yes just as long as he returned me, he took me to his room and had me adjust his pillow that his wife had brought in and then said"Thank You" We were all so proud of him talking so plainly.

  17. Well, your CBI story is not that bad, and if thats the only thing that ever happens to you..thank your blessing. I f you want to have a truly humbling experience…try giving the wrong meds to the wrong patients or giving the wrong dose. You\’ll be wishing for the day you let your CBI run dry………..Nurses are people we make mistakes. We learn from tham and move on. It just important t remeber to never get truly over confident and have a health respect for those five rights.

  18. In my over-zealous need to get my eyebrows waxed the other day, I hit a curb pretty hard, and fast, on my way into the shopping plaza. Instead of checking to see if my car was okay, I ran into the salon to make sure they could squeeze me in, then got my eyebrows waxed, then got my rim fixed. We must have our prorities!!

  19. Hi, Well the first stupid thing that comes to mind is : Ok people, you know how squeaky clean some mirrors or glass doors can be!!! Well, I was visiting my aunt for the summer holidays ( I think I was about 8 years old at the time) and was leaving the pool one day in her apartment complex to go to the apartment. On arriving at the entrance, I decided to skip gleefully through the entrance but instead RAN RIGHT INTO THE CLOSED GLASS DOOR WHICH I THOUGHT WAS ALREADY OPEN. I was so embarassed I looked around to make sure no one saw.

  20. I had just been handed $7,000 in a settlement (a check). I went and cashed it and placed the money in my wallet. I bought new pants (abot $150). I went to a friends house to repay a small loan. I reached into my backpack. My empty backpack. I still wonder to this day where that wallet went. Moral of the story, there are so many stupid things that you can do in one day, $7,000 allowed me to do them all at once.

  21. Once when I took my bf\’s truck to the store I backed into a car twice! The first time I didn\’t realize it was a car I was running into I thought it was my tire hitting the curb… excuse is that it was a F-350 crew cab with a 4 inch lift and I wasn\’t used to driving such a big vehicle! What a dork!

  22. Anyone out there have any advice about getting into an RN program? Right now I am at a community college, but have almost enough credits for a BSN. There is a long waiting list for AAS programs in Nursing, but its more competitive for the BSN programs at Universities. I am confused and don\’t know what to do, any advice, does a BSN really make that much of a difference or should I go for it!

  23. Alright, I will tell my crazy hospital story….When I was in University I also did ceramic tile instalation to pay my way. One day when I was snipping the tile around the toilet flange the tile cut my wrist. the cut was not even an inch long, however, it was deep. So after work I went to the emerg. to get a stitch or two. Well… the woman at the desk asked me what happened so I explained what how I did it. She then said "you cut yourself with a towel?", no, I told her a tile. Then she asked me if I had ever felt the urge to kill myself? I said with a tile? she said a towel? I said a tile!?!??! Why would I kill myself with a tile??? she then said a towel? and I said NO! I was snipping a tile around a toilet flange and I accidently cut myself! All I need is a stitch so it will heal properly. Well, after all that I get in the back part and I am waiting and a nurse come up to me and reads my chart and says, so… you cut yourself with a towel? Have you ever tried to commit suicide before? AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! NO! It was a Tile like what is on the floor! I hope you liked this one.Cheers!Warren

  24. I\’ve definitely had my own car experiences, including actually hitting (or more like grazing, but I digress…) a PARKED car. More recently (read: last weekend) I learned a very valuable lesson in wintertime car washing. I thought I\’d be smart and wash my car to get the road de-icer off of it, and because I had the time and money to go through the automatic car wash. I thought I was doing great until I went home and got ready for my show that night and tried to get back in my car a couple hours later, only to find that the car hadn\’t dried enough before the temperature outside fell below freezing! Needless to say, I had to use a lock de-icer to even unlock my car, and then a yanking match with my drivers door to get IN the car! I will never again wash my car when the temperature is going to be remotely close to freezing!

  25. LOL! The stories here are pretty amusing! I like the ones where they forgot to release the pressure and blood went flying everywhere. 🙂 I just never even imagined that something like that would actually happen. Thought that they got it right all the time. I find it disturbing though, that I sit back and read the stories and laugh, but I know it\’s another thing to actually be the patient in the situation, or even to be the relative of the patient (…..and I think that might be worse for you though…cause they are the healty ones…. who\’s telling what they can do!). Well what can I say….hope that you\’d get it right all the time and be spared from embarassing and life threating situations.

  26. I had to post another comment after To-nee-T\’s comment about being the patient when the blood goes squirting everywhere. I\’ve had a similar situation happen when I was having my blood drawn…the person taking the needle out of my arm didn\’t release the elastic band before removing the needle, causing blood to come streaming out of my arm! It definitely helped that I\’m not incredibly squeamish around blood!

  27. When in nursing school a fellow student needed to draw up a saline flush after giving a pain med IVP. The patient not only had regular fluids running but also a second line known as an INT or port for other IV needs. On most IV bags there is a little rubber port you can swab with alcohol and draw out a sample or a flush if needed. Well the instructor was in the room watching the student and I don\’t know if she just got flustered or what but instead of using the rubber port she inserted the needle right into the bad. Needless to say when she withdrew the needle she had a nice little shower for mice running right onto the floor! This made her all the more flustered and the instructor stepped in to invert the bag until she could go get a new one. Yes, she got a what is called a critical element (3 of these in a 2 year program and you fail) and this only happened in her second semester. She eventually made it through school, passed her boards an is now a wonderful nurse! Hang in there, we all mess up that is why we "practice" medicine!

  28. Hey there girlie!I\’m sure I have a handful of these but right now I am too busy staring at the backs of my eyelids every few seconds!I\’ll come back and share though.

  29. Hello my name is Miranda and i am a student at Sacajawea Middle School in Spokane ,Washington. i love reading your stories and suprisingly i go through most of the same experences (except for anything about driving or college, i havent gotten there yet) i was wondering how you make a guestbook because i would really like to instead of checking all of my blogs and seeing if there are comments. You can email me if you want , and go to my MSN space! i love visitors!i will sign in your guestbook again! ~Miranda~

  30. I have a few moments that are out there from my 8 yrs in Emergency Services.My most recent one here in Kuwait came about 1 week ago. I was transferring a HMMV Quick Attack Squad (Hummer w/ a small tank and pump in the back used for small fires) from Camp Navistar on the Iraq border to Camp Virginia about 1 hr or so away. Well HMMVs are not known for speediness especially with 300 gals of water and other tools on board. I pulled out of the gate and onto the side of the road at Navistar and hit the tank dump valve to get all the water out. I got back in the HMMV and started driving. I didn\’t notice 2 things: 1) The rear discharge didn\’t stick out over the back over the truck 2) there is no solid wall in between the bed of the truck and the cab. So as most trucks are high in the rear end all the water started to run into the floor board in the cab. I had no idea until the water level went over the top of my boots. So here I am running down the highway at 60mph and my truck is flooding. Fortunately a moment of clarity reigned in and I pulled off the road on and incline so the water ran back out the rear end. So there I was, in the middle of the desert soaking wet and ticked while my truck drained! So it took a little longer to get to Camp Virginia and I didn\’t charge my guys there for the wash……Be safe out there,Will DunlopFirefighterASG-K Fire/Rescue

  31. Um, the most embarassing stupid thing would have to be traveling across most of England with my butt showing to the world. Read my "Full moon over England" for full details…

  32. Hey Ashley… I am a BSN and I\’ll tell you that IF I were you I would go out and get that work experience (if you hadn\’t allready). Does it make much a difference..not when your working in a hospital as a staff RN. A RN is A RN. We all take the same boards.. There are not too many hospital that differentiate in pay either because of a BSN. Its usually based on EXPERIENCE and LONGEVITY. However, I do reccomend getting it if you plan to pursue other areas of academic..masters, NP. Goodluck

  33. Hey..if you guys are talking about my most embarrasing situation when I forgot to release the pressure before spiking the bag. And I ended up giving the patient and myself a shower. Well…It was not was saline. I probably would not be in nursing now, if I gave the patient a shower in blood..EWWWWWWWWWWW

  34. One my stupidist moments came kayaking. I was supposed to be the \’safety leader\’ of the group and was to run this one rapid with a very large hole in it first to set up safety at the bottom. Now, I had run this rapid several times before, at both higher and lower water levels and had not had a problem in years (although the first time I ran it I ran the waterfall part of it backwards) so I guess you could say I had the \’la di da\’ factor playing big time.Well, needless to say, la di da, I screwed up the drop. My body (and some little voice in my head) kept warning me, you are too far right, you don\’t have enough speed but my conscious brain kept on saying \’but I have run this so many times before.\’ It wasn\’t until the moment I hit the lip of the falls did my mind finally kick in and realize I was SCREWED!!!!!!Well, it was quite an adventure and I learned the human body can stay concious for a lot longer than one might thing with breathing (estimates ranged from mine of 45 seconds to over two minutes under water). When I finally exited my boat, which only managed to go behind the curtain of falling water every time I tried to roll, and managed to break the surface after going to where it was very dark, and surprisingly quiet (deep water gets like that on sediment filled rivers) my compatriots all said I was the neatest shade of blue. The person who was filming at the falls even said she had thought I was knocked unconscious and had seriously considered jumping onto the bottom of my boat to force it to wash free of the hole (a very unsafe and life risking manuever).After collecting my boat (and pride) and getting to shore I had to suffer many a comment about my being the \’safety boater\’ in the group. One friend still reminds me of the wonderful sound the bottom of my boat made as the water cascaded down on it. CORiverRat

  35. I heard this funny but SO not-PC joke about a particularly debilitating disease I\’ll call XXX – and of course next day regaled all my workmates with it, at the end of which my supe said, "My sister has XXX". Urp!

  36. Once when I was a kid I spent the night at my best friend\’s house. We ate dinner (hot dogs), played games and went to bed. We shared the top bunk.In the mddle of the night I woke up and involuntarily threw up hot dog chunks all over my friend\’s head. In the shower she kept repeating "ew ew ew ew ew…" and I kept repeating "I\’m so sorry, I\’m so sorry, I\’m so sorry…"

  37. When I was in nursing school our instructor in basic skills used a stethascope with two sets of ear pieces so she could hear exactly what we we were hearing when we took blood pressures. Then she would know if we were reading the pressures correctly. When she was checking off my Blood Presure skills I kept pumping up the cuff but couldn\’t hear a thing. –Then I realized I didn\’t have my ear pieces in my ears, just on my neck. As I let go of the bell of the stethascope to place my ear pieces in my ears, the bell fell and bumped roughly against the metal rail of the pt bed causeing my instructor to scream and pull the stethascope out of her ears, and giving me a dirty look along the way, too.I was sure I would never make it as a registered nurse after that! Since then I\’ve been nurse manager at 2 hospitals and taught nursing for 3 years at the local university.Never give up!! dan

  38. I have two children. Many things are in our bathroom vanity, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, fingernail files, diaper rash cream, cortisone cream, etc. I proceeded to get out my toothbrush and toothpaste, began brushing my teeth. It didn\’t taste very well. Looked at the tube……..diaper rash ointment. It doesn\’t come off babies butts and it doesn\’t come off your teeth! Eewww!

  39. I just finished my first semester of nursing school, and I just love reading this stuff.We just had some funny moments in class…Teacher: Has anyone done suctioning yet?Female student *pointing at a guy in class*: Jeff.. Jeff is soooo GREAT at SExtioning!!!*Class explodes with laughter*Teacher: ….You need to go to church!!!We have a guy in class who is a pilot (and he decided to go into nursing):Teacher: So what kind of nurse would you like to be?Student: A flight nurse… since I am already a pilot..Teacher: Ohh… that\’s great!! That way you can save the people AND the plane!Teacher: So we used to work with this doctor… and he talked horribly, we could never make out what he said, especially if you called him at night, like during the emergency… so we would always be like \’huh.. what did you say? could you repeat that? ummm what did you say?…\’Student *from the back of the class with a mysterious voice*: "I said helllo…"I don\’t think our teachers next semester will be as nice or with a sense of humor… I met them, they look pretty intimidating.

  40. I just had a terrible (it will be funny in a few days but right now, not so much) problem. None of my friends seem to want to answer the phone right now and I really need to vent. So, I come to the one place where people will understand. My brand new Nursing Drug Guide 2006 arrived in the mail today. The wonderful postman (to lazy to walk to the front door) left it inside the fence of our front yard. I did not see such package due to my sleepy state ( I spent all day in my CPR renewal class) and let my puppy out to play because the weather was unseasonably warm. Upon returning to let my lovable puppy indoors, I notice a very large mess in the yard. Puzzled I threw some shoes on and went to investigate. To my dismay, my Nursing Drug Guide 2006 was torn to shreds and scattered in colorful pieces across my yard. My dog literally ate my homework. Well I fully understand this is as much my fault as the puppy\’s and the postman, I am still very angry. Now begins the scramble to accumalte another $40 before classes begin Monday (I already spent close to $800 for books). Anyway, that website is wonderful! Thanks for the tip Katie! I just need to find a better place to send my books to. Oh well! Thanks for the vent!

  41. I am in nursing school and this one teacher is driving me CRAZY! She doesn\’t ever remember what she has said and is on a bad power trip. She gave us back homework the other day and fussed because she said it wasn\’t complete. The fact was we had already turned it in. Then she made us go one by one to her office find the homework already filed and attach it to this homework! (Waste of Time) Then she assigned us this stupid group project and told us we could skip lab and work on it in class. She comes in wanting to know why we aren\’t in lab and we have to remind her of what she assigned and then she wants to know if we are ready to present it now! UGGHHHH! Then the other night we were doing check-offs on bandaging. A classmate that had missed the previous day wrapped my arm. The teacher has to inspect it so we can get checked off. She informs me and my classmate that she will look at my arm last – she would take of the students that have been attending class first. What??? I have been there but the other girl had missed just one day. She never misses. I had to keep that bandage on my arm till the end of class. Then another day she started to pass out a test to us that she told us we would take the next day! This is going to be a looooong semester!

  42. Recently with everything going on in my life my mind just hasn\’t been working well.  Monday morning after being up late at the hospital I got up and got ready for work. I guess I put my shoes on in the darkness of my closet and I put on 2 different shoes. That\’s not even the worst part. I didn\’t even notice till I got home in the evening and removed my shoes. No one mentioned it to me all day~hopefully it wasn\’t noticable since they were very similar.

  43. I came across your site today and although I could list many, many silly crazy things I have done. I will tell the most recent. Last night I was admitting a new patient and doing what is called the minimental status exam.  I asked the patient to spell the word world backwards. He proceeds to do so.  d-l-r-o-w.   I have asked this question so many times I could spell this world backwords myself in my sleep. But, no what do I write as he spells it d-l-o-r-w.  I have him repeat it and on the third time I tell him… I think you are getting your o and r mixed up.  Try it again. He looked at me with a smile and laughed and said, "OK, he proceeded to spell it again: d-l-r-o-w." It was then I realized what an idiot I was as he had spelled it backwards correctly every time. I was the one doing it wrong. Ha! I had to apologize and we both had a good laugh. Lets say he scored 30 on his exam and I would have scored a 29. Talk about being freaking tired and drained. But, this was my 3rd admit for the night.

  44. One really crazy thing I had to do was ask one of our newly admitted psychiatric patients what the animal carcus was from that was in his pocket. YUCK! I approach him being all sentimental thinking: yeah, it\’s probably from a pet he used to have. I proceed, "*NAME* we came across this animal carcus while going through your belongings.  Did you have a pet die recently?" The patient looks at me like I am an idiot, "Nope, I found that out there on that highway and I thought I\’d take it home and make a museum of my own and get a piece of glass and put over it you know just like they do at the museum." OK… well no one else would approach him and if it is weird or no answer I always have to be the one to figure it out or ask!

  45. I love your blog.  I went back to school part-time for nursing after working the corporate world for 16 years.  I have another 3 years to go and can\’t wait.  Your stories are awesome and an inspiration to me.

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