The next American Idol?

Do you ever have one of those days where you are so stressed out that you get in the car, turn your CD player up loud, and then sing at the top of your lungs? I’ve been having a lot of those days lately, due to this being finals week. Today I was singing, "Free Falling," and a few verses into the song, I came to the realization that I sounded good. Really good. This just encouraged me to sing even louder, which of course made me sound even better. During the chorus, "And I’m FREEEEEE" the CD skipped, and I heard nothing but the awful, awful sound of my "wonderful" singing voice. I sounded like my cat when I accidentally step on him. Even though I was alone, I was so embarassed that I felt my face turning red. I guess I’ll have to find a new way to release stress, or buy a better CD player that will never, ever skip.

67 thoughts on “The next American Idol?

  1. Congratulations Katie!!! :)By the way, it happened to me toooo many times.. the skipped Cd.. funny how background music makes you think u sound like whitney ;)HugsElle x

  2. That happens to the best of us… with the skipping and the CD player.. oh well!Anyways… the kind of music I listen to, I have never really tried to sing… I always just mouth the words, sometimes even saying them in tune with the song.Speaking of in tune…I never sound like I am "in tune" if you know what I mean.And congrats on becoming blog of the week!Mark

  3. Hahahahahahahaha! What a great blog, Katie! As to being "tongue tied," hey… it\’s finals week! Just do what you can. Finals are quite a lot more important.And how about blogging reasons to consider nursing as a career, what kinds of jobs are available (a lot of people assume nurses only work in the hospital or in the doctor\’s office) , what kinds of things you have to consider (although I think you do a magnificent job of that on the blog already.)I always felt like I couldn\’t be a nurse because "I have too much compassion"— I don\’t do well seeing people suffer, blah, blah, blah. But when I think about it, it is that I lack compassion… I am too selfish to get beyond those things to ease someone\’s suffering, at least as a lifelong career. (I did do a whole lot of those things as an EMT, by the way.) So I applaud your bravery and your compassion and your willingness to put aside personal discomfort in order to help others. I knw you are going to be one dang fine nurse!Hugs,MuMo

  4. Just sing it girl…:D I\’ve done that way too many times to count. I usually do that when I am travelling on the highway. I think I scared a kid once who looked over and saw me jamming out. He probably thought I was psychotic or something.

  5. LMAO! Oh Katie! I used to host a karaoke show and believe me, no matter how good/ bad you sounded..I have heard worse. When sining with the radio, you are hearing the original artist\’s voice…As you now know…lol At least YOU have the courage to admit it. I\’ve had people sing for me that NEVER realized their (really low) bass voice SHOULD NOT sing a Patsy Cline (very high pitch) song!! But you know..If YOU are having fun…GO FOR IT!!Take care, Carrie

  6. OMG! I\’ve done that! *s*Hello from your fellow Best of MSN. I decided to stop by and check out my roommates in this strange dormitory of "What\’s Your Story" Spacers.I\’m glad I did.Congrats to you in being selected for Best of MSN.Stop by anytime.*s*Q

  7. Well hi and congrats! I just had to tell you…..the name Isis jumped right out at me. I have an Isis also….a 5 year old Siberian Husky, who I recently adopted from a rescue center. She is fat and has an eating disorder as a result of her previous owners starving her and she\’s afraid of the dark, being left in a dark room for days and nights. But she\’s here now and has a big brother Moonee, also a 5 year old Siberian Husky and a mommy who loves her dearly (that would be me). Nice to meet your Isis, come meet my Princess, Goddess Isis. Once again, congrats and enjoyed your blog space very much.

  8. LOL. Just be glad you weren\’t singing "I\’m Too Sexy For My Shirt" with the window down. Nice blog! I\’ll be back to read more. ~Sia

  9. <laughing> I SO know what you mean–I was in an office… it was one of the attaché trailor kind, and I was the only one there… I was singing to Phantom of the Opera (yes, this has disaster written all over it!)… Okay, the other part of the story is that we had an intercom system built into the phones. Someone in another department could page you and have instant talking/listening capabilities. I don\’t know HOW LONG they were on the phone before I realized they were there–at least five minutes :@What a week to get all of this traffic! 😀 How\’re finals going???

  10. hey there nice blog really…a welcome sight and i am sure you must have sounded much better than you are willing to admit..after all i think that the best way to enjoy is not to try and enjoy but just flow with the moment…i guess i shall come back for this space again and catch up more on you again. I wasnt a student myself so long ago and still miss those happy go lucky days.

  11. You are lucky!!!!!You haven`t heard my sining!!!!!!!When I`m sining, my neighbours want to commit cuicide!!!!!!!!!Don`t be shy!!!You have got only one life!!!!:)

  12. When I sing, I halfway expect the radio to stop singing and yell at me…just like the scene in Scary Movie 2. Great site, I love it! Congrats on the feature.

  13. HOLY COW, Katie! We are getting a MILLION hits from your site–We\’re up to 113 and the majority are from your site… Our daily average is 60-70, our record is 81… It\’s that star you have next to our link, I just know it… 😀

  14. Good Luck !! Suck it up !!I have been an R.N. for 24 years. I was a single mom with 3 children , and no help.Be prepared for long hours, and emotional chaos at times. But it is all worth it. You can really make an impact on the life of another. HANG IN THERE !!!!!

  15. Just keep on singing, the first couple years of university I too would stop, now that I\’m at the end and the stress keeps on pouring in I just say screw it and sing as loud as I can, it just makes you feel so good.

  16. Like another commentator, I did a bacculareate program while raising two small children. After graduation I went to work in a 21 room OR at an urban teaching hospital. There was always stresss and we just dealth with it with really sick black humor. It wasn\’t until I left the coccoon of the OR where pts. are mostly unconscious and there is little opportunnity to interact and feel like you\’ve really made a difference (even though you really have by protecting your patient\’s privacy, keeping them free from life threatening infections, etc.) that I felt like I had truly made a difference on behalf of my patients. There are two kinds of nurses in my opinion, nurses who have always wanted to be a nurse for whom it is a vocation, and those for whom nursing is a second choice. Some of the latter eventually develop the same passion as the vocational nurses already started with and the rest go in to non patient contact areas of nursing. I think that this nursing student needs to ask herself which category she belongs to.

  17. Katie – I am also a nursing student in the second year of an associate RN program… finals are in 2 wks and I have no interest in studying. My clinicals are done and so are all the other projects for the semester. Noone ever said it was easy but we are gonna make it. By the way, I have a wife and 2 small kids who can put me thru the paces sometimes. Hang in there.

  18. Hey! Congrats on being one of the "Best Of Spaces!" As an aside – I try and keep the volume down in my car when I sing along for fear someone will pull up next to me and start laughing!

  19. Wow! You sure do have alot of comments to read through. I have just started my requirements for the nursing program. I think I may get done before I turn 100! Good luck on finals! ~Wes

  20. Hello fellow health care worker…I\’m an OT. Please be kind to us Rehab people when you are a full fledged nurse! 😉 I work some excellent nurses, you will be a good one! Your personality will help someone heal!You have a great blog here, and I feel for you. I have the singing voice of Neil Young and Bob Dylan, combined with Peter Brady when he was going through puberty. Just remember Tom Petty probably sounds just as bad WITHOUT the music. I love Tom Petty, but you know what I mean!

  21. Just letting you know that i am going to update your screenshot. I see you put up a new banner so i figured why not.Have a great weekendMatt

  22. woah…i am a student nurse too working towards my BSN. i am in my first semester of actual nursing school, last year was just pre-reqs. i havent read much but wow…i understand. i want to pull my hair out! i have finals next week and just have no motivation..for as much as i want to be a nurse, this stress makes it not worth it! but i love it so i guess ill tough it out. good luck with your accelerated program!!!

  23. I saw your blog on the MSN homepage and checked it out. It was exciting to see someone from my "home" city. I grew up in a suburb of Dallas and lived there until 3 yrs ago. I read that you are going through nursing school and was curious if you are doing your clinicals at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. I worked there, as well as the one in Plano for 5 years.

  24. Hi Katie,I just saw that you put up a link to my blog. Thanks so much. All that for little ol\’ me!? 😉 Hope the end of the semester is coming fast enough for you. Sing on, sister!Dustin B.

  25. Hi Katie,I love your comments, I am a grad of KU Nursing and UT in Houston. I now teach nursing student. What an eye opening experience it it and it make me remember the good and the bad of being a student! It has been 10 years since I graduated, but I remember a lot of things-the "evil" books, giving shots, starting my first IV on my lab partner, my first patient who died, my first patient to give birth, my clinical instructors (some good, some really bad). If you go to KU, email me and we can reminese sometime! Hang in there and wellcome to the profession!Paige

  26. Just wanted to let u know, that I graduated last May and don\’t give up. Nursing is areally tough program, but well worth the effort you put into it. I work in the NICU at JG hospital in Montreal,Qc,Canada. It\’s not always easy dealing with all the sick and dying premies, but when you get a good day, it is so rewarding…Take good care!Val (rnpookie)

  27. Hi… again….Too bad about the singing career… but you know, they do have machines to make you sound better…just ask Ashlee Simpson… look what they have done with her! As for me singing… I just do it in the shower and sometimes when I drive, however, since the music is soooooo loud, I really don\’t think anyone would hear me.But if that is a tetanus shot you are holding.. yeah.. you are the greatest singer… oh.. I would sign you if I owned a record label… American Idol you say?? sure go for it… you sound way better than that Paula chick ever did… LOLHave a good day and if all else fails.. cry… just kidding!Warren

  28. hello mi name is Carla I live in Argentina I just saw your blog and I would like to say I\’m a nurse student too I\’m in love with this career and there is nothing like feel good when you help someone.I know it\’s stressing but it\’s a beautiful and very interesting career.In my country people still think where only to help the doctor I wish they could see what it\’s all about .Good luck!!!

  29. 80,000!!!!!! Good grief! My husband and I BOTH exclaimed when we heard. Crazy Bloggin\’ Canuck was getting about 4,000 hits per day when I asked her about it!

  30. You\’ve got a GREAT space with lots of fun stuff to read… I can see why you were featured as one of MSN\’s Best. 🙂

  31. Hey, saw your site on Best Of and thought it was pretty funny. I work with a lot of student nurses and it\’ll be interesting to see things from their perspective for once. I also noticed you\’re from Overland Park, KS…And I am from Lee\’s Summit, MO! =) Good to see a local on Best Of MSN Spaces! Hang in there!

  32. Hey, I want to be a nurse when I finish school so I was looking at your blog and I am really serious — in those pictures of you with the different faces, I totally look identical to you… Particularly the last one… Check out my space to see its kinda freaky!Kaylee

  33. Hey.. i just came across this page through the main MSN website, i\’m a student nurse at Genesee Community College in Batavia, New York, i\’m in the last year of the programd (its only a two year program) .. just thought we could compare our schools and the programs themselves.. my AIM is hope and glitter or my email is

  34. Hello and Congratulations on being featured!A fellow Tom Petty fan, I gather? I came within millimeters of pursuing a career in nursing…(there was a student nurse present for the birth of my third child; they asked my permission; I was glad to contribute to the learning experience) All the best to you in your career and know that good nurses are a valued rarity on in this country. Best Wishes!Peace.

  35. I just followed the link from the msn homepage to your blog page, it\’s great! I\’m just finishing my first semster in a ASN program. It\’s great to read about someone else\’s crazy expereinces! I\’m definetely gonna bookmark this page! Have fun with finals!

  36. Hey, this is cool that somebody from kansas is on best of msn spaces. I am going to Washburn in Topeka, KS. that sucks that you couldn\’t find a job after you graduated but you should with a nurse degree.

  37. Hello there fellow nursing student!! Finals week is apon us! I love your site, I\’m in a small town and a lot of ppl here know of it so I can\’t post clinical experiences, you know HIPPA and all… but I love reading about yours! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE knowing I\’m not the only one who feels as lost and confused as you!!! We\’ll get through though!

  38. Stepping on cat—–screeeeeeeeech/ I know that sound all too well/ these days are trying but I commend you for going in a profession that helps othersI could say alot more but will stop here………………………………..

  39. Dude, I am telling all of my fellow ASN students about your link! I almost wet myself reading some of your stuff. I can totally relate to the insanity that we call life as a nursing student. Tell me, do you have this problem…like, three minutes into nursing school, every relative with a boil or hemorrhoid calls you asking for your expert advice? I gotta change my number! Keep up the good work in school and on the blog.DeenaP.S. Shout out to fellow OWCers!!

  40. ha … Laugh Out Loud at yourself, young nurse!!!!! well, its always a good thing to laugh at yourself just to get relieved of stress particularly once your exams are done.I am a Civil Engineering student at Toronto, Canada (all da way North, eh?) and yes being a student in this career is challenging and now I\’m facing my fall term exams in these two weeks, just like you were. So … hope you did well in school and do well in your finals.and very interesting to see your blog as one of the best blogs out there, according to MSN. I wonder how does the folks at MSN choose which blog is worthy of watching?anyways, come check out my blog, if possible (its not done yet, need to add more pics) 🙂

  41. i am a student nurse; my name is john michael garcia and i will be graduating from nursing school on may 12, 2006 and everything that you say is the truth and i have the same books as you and they are evil.

  42. Hey Katie, I knew you\’d get MSN best spaces sometime, I visited you a while ago, and liked your blog entires, especially the poop entry I read a while ago, reminded me when I was and orderly so many moons ago. Have a great week and congrats!

  43. You are an inspiration to all other nursing students. I\’m a freshman nursing student and have no idea what I am doing, but at least I\’m not the only one! You\’re gonna be a great nurse!

  44. Hey girl!!!!Brings back memories!!! Not so long ago I was there….what a trip it was….now just wait untill you get to the real world of nursing!!!! There is the way they tell you to do it….and then the way its really done…I started in Gen Sx and now work ICU…3 years after grad…Its the one career that you only do if you love it…no one else would put up with the crap we do!!! and I mean both literally and figuratively…Good luck….and enjoy!!!!!

  45. You make me soooo glad I am not in nursing school. I remember it well. Anyway your blog is hilarous. I have been a nurse for eight years now, and I think with your writing talent you will have wonderful stories to tell about your career. It will bring a smile to nurses everywhere. But don\’t worry about not understanding everything, your true education in nursing will come in the workplace.April

  46. Nurse_lin1972 is completly right. Nurses do put up with a lot crap (you don\’t see in nursing school or hear about). But what the public doesn\’t realize it a nurse who will save your life, not a doctor. The doctor is not always readily available and it takes a knowledgeable RN to save them. Nurses are so important. Without us, the doctors could not do whay they do!!

  47. I can totally relate here. I\’ve deduced that I\’m NOT a great "singer", but a great *backup and in the shower with the water going full blast* singer. You must embrace the postive! :")

  48. that is too too funny. but trust me…i know there are MUCH WORSE singers out there that think they can sing a million dollars better then anyone else, but sound like nails on a chalk board.

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