I had a really difficult time keeping my patient awake long enough to get anything done. When I gave him his pills to take, he was about to put them in his mouth when all of the sudden he started snoring. I shook his shoulder to keep him awake, and he opened his eyes and actually managed to get a complete sentence out, "What’s your problem, you PMSing?"    Before I could come up with a clever reply, he was already snoring again. Patients… gotta love them, right?

6 thoughts on “PMS!!??

  1. Hahaha! The Eternally Sleeping Patient can definitley be one of the tougher ones! Have your finals started yet? If so, how are you doing so far? I have one to go! And hey! How awesome is that the comment from the MSN Editor?! Good luck on that!Rowan

  2. Hi, I feel for you! I deal with the public and understand how hard it can be, however I have been in a hospital and cant get rest to save my life because of being woke up 100 x for temp, blood pres. , and meds. So hang in!!!!!

  3. Ah the old PMS accusation! I love it! Break out the Midol! My friend who finally shed her neanderthal husband after physical abuse over a period of time tells me he STILL believes her PMS is what broke up the marriage. The only thing better than PMS for totally discounting a female is "you look cute when you\’re Angry."

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