Is it Monday?

Today was one of those days.I was driving to my clinicals this morning, belting out the lyrics to Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and it was freezing. This is a play-by-play of my 6:15 am ride:
MYYY Shadow’s the only one who walks beside me.”
Hmm.. it’s really cold in here. I wonder if my heater’s working?
MYYY Shallow Heart’s the only…
It is really cold!! I have the heater on full blast.. (looks down at heater), yes it’s set all the way to the blue….
Sometimes I wish someone out there would fi…..
BLUE?! Dangit!!!!
Lesson of the morning: Blue = AC,  Red = heat


7 thoughts on “Is it Monday?

  1. …And I\’m back. 🙂 PMSing and blue dials! <laughing> I\’ve never done that one before… I\’ll bet you can\’t wait for finals to be over!

  2. Hi! This is a humorous blog! I was so excited to see you were from OP! I grew up in Olathe, and miss being a Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!!!!! People here don\’t understand why I care about KU basketball. Good luck with your nursing! I would love to be a nurse, but I\’m too lazy to do anything right now, hehehe. Thanks for the Blue=AC lesson. Don\’t feel bad, sometimes, when I am eating ice cream, I blow on it to cool it down, the same way you do to hot soup. Genius, isn\’t it?

  3. That is such a smart thing to do, even I do it all the time! I love reading your blog, btw, it\’s very funny & you have great insights. I love the stories!ps-I think Greenday is a great band to rock out to in the car, too!

  4. I\’ve done that before, you are not alone!! Hope finals are going well, and congrats on being featured this week!Cordaville

  5. When I was nursing school and stressed out, imagine that, I couldn\’t stop turning my lights on and leaving them on. Even during the day I would get into the car and flip on my lights. My dad made me tape a sign on y stearing wheel that said "lights off". Point of the story is – nursing school makes you crazy. Then when you get out your jobs makes you crazy!! PS: If you don\’t live in Michigan, move there, nurses make more money than any where else in the nation. 😉 tess, RN, BSN

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