How NOT to drive in the snow

Since some of you are starting to get snow, I thought I would share
with you an important lesson I learned about driving in the snow.
One morning, I was running late for a big test and I missed my bus.
Everything was covered with ice, with a few inchs of snow on top of
that. Since I was in a hurry, and it took forever just to get my car
door open (had to chip through the ice), I didn’t take
the time to clear all the snow off my car. I just cleared a small hole
in the windshield so I could see.  I turned out of my parking lot
and onto the main road, which was still not cleared yet. I thought I
was in my lane, when all of the sudden the snow from above my little
"viewing hole" caved in, and I could not see where I was going. I
stopped the car and jumped out to clear the snow off the windshield.
Being the genius I am, I realized I should close my door so the snow
wouldn’t fall in on my seat. I must have forgotten that my reflex when
I open the car door is to hit the lock, and I locked my keys in my
running car. "This is not a big deal, I can handle this," I kept
telling myself. I was almost convinced that this was true, until I saw
a bus coming down the street towards me. I noticed the bus was coming
right at my car. "Stupid jerk," I thought. Then I saw the line of cars
behind the bus, and I came to an important conclusion: I was parked in
the middle of the road.
Now what!? I know, I’ll run back to my apartment and get my spare key!!
I left my car in the road (the bus did manage to go around me) and ran
all the way back to my apartment. Once I got to my door, I realized
that I did not have a key to get inside. I pounded on my friend Ryan’s
door and begged him to drive me to a friend’s house so I could get my
car key. He reluctantly agreed, and we ran out to his little
older-than-me Honda. There was a coating of ice on his car, but we
didn’t have time to fuss over that. He unlocked his door, pulled up on
the handle, and it came off right into his hand. It wasn’t too long
after he ripped off his passenger side handle too that my roommate
pulled in and unlocked the apartment door, allowing me to get my car
key and move my car out of the road. Why was my roommate back so soon?
Our teacher couldn’t make it in and had postponed our test. I thought
the whole situation was hilarious, but Ryan, who had to crawl through
his hatch-back trunk to get into his car for the next two weeks, didn’t
seem to find the humor in the situation.
The big lesson I learned: Some days, it is better just to stay in bed.
Also, if your door is frozen shut, do not try to force it open by
pulling on the door handles. Those do have the tendency to snap right

19 thoughts on “How NOT to drive in the snow

  1. OMG…talk about bad luck! Well at least the test was postponed…we are getting about a foot of snow today and driving is going to be a mess….snow+4wheel drive= drivers that think they are invincible!LOL about the toilet brush…next time I will put the warning at the top of the post! I was amazed when I saw that on there…..someone had to have done it for them to issue a warning….hopefully though you won\’t see that kind of thing in your schooling!Have a good one,RD

  2. we got snow today so thanks for the tip!thank you also for your post and well wishing. Check back from time to time to see if I got any of the jobshave a great day

  3. I needed the laugh this morning to start my week off with a smile. In Texas you should not encounter too many of these snow days. But, I will warn you we do not know how to drive in the ice on those occassions we do get the polar freeze and precipitation at the same time. Stay off of the roads when that happens!

  4. god thats a bad thing to have happen. im glad i dont have to deal with that kind of weather anymore and im sure you feel the same way. in texas a dusting of snow may as well be a blizzard. im going to steal your idea and post my own nightmare car/snow story

  5. LOL. Words to live by, eh? At least you have a bit of an excuse. My CANADIAN brother, however, does not. He was dumb enough to wash his car right before a big snow storm. He couldn\’t get those car doors open for DAYS!

  6. Funny story, Katie. Being from Minnesota, I have had many experiences with snow and having to drive in it. Not all with positve outcomes! I am glad to hear it all worked out for you, though. I hope you have better luck this year, but it sounds like there will be much less snow where you are now. Dustin B.

  7. Funny story, Katie. Being from Minnesota, I have had many experiences with snow and having to drive in it. Not all with positve outcomes! I am glad to hear it all worked out for you, though. I hope you have better luck this year, but it sounds like there will be much less snow where you are now. Dustin B.

  8. Now THAT\’S a story girlie!! I have had days when I KNOW I would\’ve been better off staying in bed too!!I put those pictures up for ya… 😉

  9. ROFL! What a great laugh! I needed that today! I don\’t miss the snowy days from my time in NC, but I am sure those were minor compared to other areas. Finals have begun! Check out my blog to find out what happened!Rowan

  10. Oh my goodness! The good old days of ice storms! <laughing> If/When we ever move back, we\’re FOR SURE making sure our house has a GARAGE! Of course, that doesn\’t remove the possibility that it might snow/ice while you\’re at school/work… <sigh> Great story! 😀 When\’re finals over?

  11. I am not sure how or why i ended up here, but after reading your story i realize that it was fate!I also had the bright idea to make a small viewing hole instead of scraping the entire windshield and yes i did not make it out of our driveway before running straight into my dads parked van in front of me. (what was i thinking?)It is comforting to realize that i am not the only one…

  12. You know that day, 12/05 I was the one that stayed in bed, yeah just took the day off. Damn straight it was nipplely out there, and then the whole day…ok wont rub it in. Also to mention about this entry here. This morning, the wind was curling up and blasting the snow in your face. I say screw the drive I\’m taking the subtrain being that it was very close. I was sitting there waiting for the inbound and I was thinking, "subway right of way, la, la." Days like this and that you don\’t have to whack your brain. Down below sold me a ticket. Parking isn\’t close to the job sight anyway, crossing busy streets, kiss my but for 29 bucks a month. Snow in the face! When I \’m at play and stuffing it in your shirt. Then it\’s war snowballs soar. How about a mound on the hood from the wippers and by the way what happen to the wipers, burned out? Last night I had to give in and pull over for getting that snow off because sudden stops and swerving wasn\’t budging. Geez I\’m on a roll and this is the last thought. How about the 60 seconds of door slams, mentally anyway. car stuck on ice, accidently let the door close for the instinct of locking it… didn\’t realize that moment till I asked neighbor to help to relieve the car…realized then, OH ( and the word that comes after that)…let alone the car was in reverse, um stuck in ice…thought that yanking the car out by a truck would land it in the house across the street…laugh here and there… the ha, ha\’s…untill i remembered that buy on get one free pack of smokes were inside…Damn…BING, open door… I got AAA and all happen in my driveway.Al\’right that\’s it

  13. hey hun! thats a cute story! its snowing today so it made me laugh! im from new england and have a ton of snow stories. first thing though always clear off your car no matter how much of a rush your in (you learned that the hard way huh)


  15. I\’ve done the exact same thing in the winter….snapping a door handle off really makes the day go right down the toilet FAST!

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