Bleach + carpet = oops

If you feed your cats cheap cat food with orange dye in it, and
they throw up on your tan carpet, DO NOT pour bleach on the carpet to
get the orange stain out. The result will be a permanent white
circle with a pink middle.


17 thoughts on “Bleach + carpet = oops

  1. Since you are helping everyone with medical problems and you have not yet stabbed me with a needle, I thought I could help for the next time your cat yacks on the carpet. I have this stuff called Prosolve and it does a really good job of cleaning in carpets. You just spray it on, let it soak in and then dab it off. Stain is gone. I have to use it all of the time in the mini-van(this thing is a chick magent!!!!) because my kids seem to think the floor of the van is some kind of dumping ground for everything half eaten. As for the bleach on the carpet…..hmmmmm can not help you with that one, you might need new carpet.I hope this helped.Cheers!Warren

  2. Sorry about the carpet. I would have gladly taken the tickets — THANK YOU! — But I just checked my blog! I think I would be a tad late, lol … good luck on your finals and thanks again for the offer :-)Vanita

  3. Aw young one… so much to learn, lol…next time, you use soapy water…maybe some laundry deterget…the powder kind is preferable…

  4. Hi Katie,Thanks for the message! I am hopefully going into the 2 yr RN program and then will bridge over to the BSN. Failing that, I will start w/ my LPN & then bridge over to eh accelerated RN program. It\’s all very exciting in any case! I can\’t wait to find out how you do in finals!Take care & good luck,Rowan

  5. Hey there… um… Yeah…I have a picture on my site that shows bush in several shots alongside a chimp that looks just like him. I\’ll post it again for ya!

  6. I like your space. There are several links and blog entries on my page that I believe may interest you. If you do stop by my space, please sign my guest book. That way, I will know you were there and will be reminded to visit your page again. Peace and keep on blogging!

  7. Another one would be watch where you go so you will not step on it. I\’m telling this from experience. Gets stuck on socks and stuff….. yuckMaikku

  8. After awhile and more than several vacuumings, that bleach spot will become a bare spot. I accident spilled some bleach on my carpet and every time I vacuumed, more and more carpet fibers pulled up, soon leaving me with a bare spot. Beware! 🙂

  9. You don\’t want to use a detergent of any kind, because then you\’ll leave a residue in the carpet, and that spot would just continue to get dirty and dirty over and over (as the residue would attract dirt)…to remove reddish stains (although it seems like the bleach got the red out, but left another stain) you need to wet the carpet, then spray it with a combination of 75% ammonia, 25% water. After doing that, put a damp white cloth over the stain, and then run over it with an iron set just below the steam setting. After doing this for a few minutes, the red will start to transfer onto the cloth. So now you, and any of your readers still reading these comments, know.

  10. And as for the bleach spot, just take a piece of carpet from an inconspicuous spot (perhaps the closet) to your local art store, and you should be able to match the color with a magic marker. Purchase that magic marker, take it back, and color in the stain.

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