Still standing

Although I did feel my stomach drop while watching an epidural (I had no idea how much jabbing is involved!!), I did not pass out today. I was actually shocked at how well I handled everything. I’m sure my eyes got really big when I saw the nurse hand the surgeon a hammer during surgery, but I handled that ok too. I will spare you guys all the details, because I know a few of you can’t even handle ER (ImANessa!!).

12 thoughts on “Still standing

  1. Thank you for sparing me the details. The thought of visually seeing someones thigh bone exposed gives me the chills, much less the use of a hammer in surgery …… I am good right here in my cubical calculating claim dollars. :)(We have to be very close – I am in downtown Dallas every day working.)Nessa

  2. Hi Katie,Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Yeah, I am excited for school to start too. I\’m hoping to see some surgeries too, like you. Its funny, when my wife was in nursing school she sat in on a bunch of operations, including cesarians and hip and knee replacements and she was always fine, never got woozy. Then she assisted a doctor with a few circumcisions and she almost passed out! So you never know what will affect you until you experience it! I\’m glad to hear you fared well though. Yeah, I am pretty much healed by now after having my wisdom teeth out. I just wrote about it in a post on my blog, check it out. even included pics, although they arent the best so be nice! ha haAnyway, good luck with your studying.Dustin B.

  3. Not too long ago I finished an accelerated RN program and I\’m now working in L+D….so I see my fare share of epidurals. However, what really gives me the chills is an episiotomy…hearing the Dr. cut the tissue down there is enough to make me want to vomit. There is no other sound like it. Just thinking about it is enough to make me cringe.

  4. I have been a nurse for 8 yrs, the last 3 1/2 in ER and epidurals, spinal taps still make me a bit queasy, when pretty much nothing else does!

  5. What about having the metal rods inserted through the bone and then connected to an external fixator. Nothing like a little drill handywork to make lunch flip-flop in your stomach… and the smell of burning skin/bone from the drill…

  6. hi! there`s always a first time in any medical field we`re in. but you did it and it feels great right? when i was in med school we had to do everything as clinical clerks here in manila. the IVs, suturings, catheters,etc. but you have to experience doing all those things so there will be no mistakes in the future.good luck!

  7. Hey, You\’re doing great! I am also a Nursing Student and well, the epidurals still make me weak in the knees! Keep up the good work!Jeanoui

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