Possible leave of absence?

Instead of working with my own patient for clinicals
tomorrow, I will be observing in the Operating Room. I am excited, but
really nervous at the same time. Here is what I picture happening:
Everything is going great, I’m learning a lot from watching.
Then  I see blood splatter or hear the sound of something breaking
or splashing, and everything starts looking funny. I start feeling
light headed, and all of the sudden, CRACK goes my head on the
tile floor as I pass out. Because my brain is already so big from
all the information I have crammed in there over the past few months,
it doesn’t take much swelling to cause brain damage & a coma. Once
stablilzed, I am transferred to the 3rd floor, and one of my classmates
is assigned to be my student nurse. Their first time starting an IV
will be on my poor, helpless arm, and I will end up with some weird
infection from all the needle pokes from all the messed up attempts.
So, if I don’t post anything for awhile, you will know what happened.

8 thoughts on “Possible leave of absence?

  1. Tell Jocelyn that having a small uvula is like having a small butt. That ought to make her feel better! 🙂 I must have a medium-sized uvula because I woke myself up snoring several times last night!!! I have an excuse, though! I\’ve got sinus drainage–yuck. <pause> You so didn\’t need to know that! :DI\’ll be interested in hearing about the operating room! That is… if you make it out… 😀 Have a great day!

  2. I wouldn\’t do well in the operating room. ER and Grey\’s Anatomy make me queasy as I watch from my bedroom. Good luck — I will spend another day in my cubical. 🙂 Can\’t wait to hear about your day!

  3. Hi Katie, I have been reading your blog for a couple weeks now and it is really interesting. I love hearing stories about nursing. My wife is a nurse and she is always the life of the party telling people about the weird patients she has. Like you, I have started a blog to "chronicle" my thoughts and experiences as I go thru X-ray Tech school. Check it out. the address is:http://azx-raytechstudent.blogspot.com/I havent started school yet, but will soon and anticipate having as interesting stories to tell as you do. Keep up the good work with the blog.Good luck in the OR. I got to watch an operation while i did my job shadowing with an X-ray tech and it was very interesting. Just keep a chair near by, just in case you start to feel woozy. And dont be embarassed, it happens to everyone, eventually you wont even notice the blood and guts! :-PTake care,Dustin B.PS do you mind if I put a link to your blog on mine? I think others who find my blog would like yours as well. Leave your response as a comment on my blog. Thanks! 🙂

  4. If you start feeling \’funny\’ dig your nails into the palm of your hand…REALLY…Works for me. It can distract you for a second until you can calm yourself down.

  5. I was an OR nurse for 6 years. Please make sure you eat something early, as this will sustain you if you do feel uneasy about sights or sounds.Also, be prepared that you may get the "weird" feeling from the unexpected. For example, the first time I acutally felt faint was watching my first D & C when the surgeon grasped the cervix with a tenaculum. OUCH. I FELT IT MYSELF. Also, I was a litte freaked out about the constant exposure of body parts, etc. I bothered me at first that the patient probably had no idea how they would be "letting it all hang out" so to speak. Good luck!

  6. I like to pass out a lot. I unfortunatly found, I don\’t really have the stomach for much of hospital nursing. I\’ve passed out quite a few times, in surgery twice and on the floor once. I am not good with tubes and sticking them in people, foleys are no big deal but trachs…..YUCK, I can\’t do them. The patient I had just this semester had one and my clinical instuctor was in the room with me b/c the patient was not the nicest of people and I had to push her out of the way to run out of the room to pass out in the middle of the hallway. Then once I arose from that, I went to the bathroom to…well you know…it was awful and my clinical instructor finally, then, understood why I cannot do Med Surg, ER, ICU, or Surgery. I can\’t be passing out in my patients rooms trying to take basic care of them.

  7. Hi, This brings back a memory of Nursing school for me.. I was in the OR observing an unfortunate woman getting a d+c. I went all light headed, felt cold all over,really had to walk out of the OR and go sit on the floor. I felt sooo embarrassed. After I sat out for a while and had a glass of OJ, I went back into a different surgery, a carotid endarterectomy, and had no problem at all, despite the spurting blood as the surgeon did his work. You\’ll find out what has an effect on you as you go along. I am an ICU nurse now and I\’ve overcome those initial aversions! Best of luck to you in your education and career.Happy Holidays! Bella

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