Spider Catching Cup

Mike learned a very important lesson today: do not drink out of the cup next to my bathroom sink.
My house has a slight spider problem. I, unfortunately, am one of those strange people who cannot kill insects, even spiders. So, when I find an insect in my house, I put a glass over it to trap it, and take it outside a few hours later (have to leave it there for awhile to teach the insect a lesson). It got to the point where I was catching one or two spiders every day, and I was going through too many glasses. So, I started using the same one and leaving it on my bathroom counter. I don’t have any other glasses in my bathroom- after taking microbiology, the idea of using the same glass over and over grosses me out. I’m sure you can see where this story is leading…. Last night, Mike was brushing his teeth, and I saw him fill my spider-catching glass up with water. I laughed and told him to stop, and explained what it was for. He had a panicked look on his face as he explained he had been using that glass since he got here Wednesday night.


8 thoughts on “Spider Catching Cup

  1. Hey there Katie, Was just cruzin spaces and came across your site.Very nice work. It looks like you’ve put a lot of work and time into it.So you live in Dallas,TX . How cool is thatI have a lot of family in a small town in Emory.Have you ever heard of it?Last name is Oliver.I live in Las Vegas N.V.I love it here. The weather is great except for summers .They are the temp of hell.But the rest of the year is sweet. Well just wanted to stop in and say Howdy.. Stop in and say hi if you get a chance. Starman…….

  2. I had my tonsils out years (and I mean YEARS) ago! I still remember tonsillitis, so I understand completely–YUCK! I can\’t kill insects, either, but I guess I\’m still inhumane… I go find the vacuum cleaner or Scooter\’s Daddy. 🙂 Either the bug is sucked-up to its death or squished. I\’ve posted a sign outside of our house in multiple languages that bugs of all kinds are strictly forbidden in the house on punishment of death. If they don\’t listen, what can I do?I loved your story–my sympathies to Mike. 😀 I hope you enjoyed your weekend with him!!!

  3. YOWSAS! That\’s almost as bad as when I told my friends that by flushing the toilet it actual purifies the water, making it safe to drink. Try that on him next time. 🙂

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