My cop stories

I didn’t have clinicals this week, so if I told any stories about my day, I would just be complaining about my annoying classmates who always think every class is their own personal "story time". (I wish a few of them had those electric dog collars, and I could zap them whenever I saw their mouth opening or their hand starting to go up.)

One of my favorite blogs is by a Texas cop. After reading her site today, I decided to tell you about my wonderful encounters with police officers. I have actually been pulled over for speeding twice in my life. (I know, I’m awful!!)
The first time I was pulled over, I actually was speeding. I didn’t know how fast I was going because I was cut off by a slow old guy, and I switched lanes and accelerated to pass him. As luck would have it, this exact moment is when the cop clocked me. I pulled over onto a dark side street, and the cop asked me for my license and registration. Hmm… where did I put my license? I used to just keep my license in my car somewhere, because I never carried a wallet. It was dark out, and I was digging through my car desperately searching for my ID. The cop pulled out his flashlight and was shining it through my window at me. This was not helping, it actually made it harder to see, and it made me nervous. After a few minutes, I finally looked up at the cop and said, "I’m sorry, can I borrow that flashlight for just a minute?" He handed it to me and started laughing. I don’t mean that he chuckled at me- he was full out laughing. I’m not really sure what was so funny, but I quickly learned that making a cop laugh is a good thing. I found my license under my seat, he ran it, came back (STILL smiling), and told me the next time he caught me going 12 over, he would write me a huge ticket. Whew!!!

The next time I got pulled over I was not speeding. Seriously. It was Labor Day weekend, and everyone knows that cops are out on all holidays. I was on the highway headed to my parents house, going the speed limit, when I saw a cop behind me. I switched to the other lane to get out of his way, and he switched lanes with me. Isn’t it amazing how your heart can go all the way into your throat when this happens? How do flashing lights have this effect on us?! Anyways, he pulled me over and came up to the window. "Do you know how fast you were going ma’m?" I told him I was going exactly 70. He disagreed, saying I was going 85. HUH?! My brain was telling me "Stay calm Katie, be polite." Unfortunately, my mouth was not listening to my brain. It said, "Are you kidding me?! When is the last time you calibrated your radar gun?!" Oops, bad question! He got defensive and said, "This morning." My mouth again talked without my permission and said, "Oh, well when’s the last time you were actually trained on using or calibrating your radar gun?" I think this is the point where his face turned a beautiful shade of purple.  I explained to him that I was not stupid, I knew there were cops out today, and that I had my cruise set to the exact speed limit. Could he have maybe clocked a different car and accidentally pulled me over? He said no. Could he have misread the radar gun? Stupid mouth talking without brain again!!! This was when I was offered a chance to sit in the back of the cop car. He could show me the printout from the gun or something. I told him that didn’t sound good (isn’t that where they put the criminals?! Ohhh…I get it.) I don’t know why I couldn’t be nice! I’m normally such a sweet person, but when I know I did nothing wrong, I guess I kinda lose it a bit. We ended up concluding that my spedometer must be off (by 15mph?!?). I promised to go get it checked out soon, and he didn’t even write me a warning. I don’t know why he didn’t just arrest me. Or tazer me! I can’t figure out where my sudden attitude came from. Or why it wouldn’t go away when I told it to! I guess he must have honestly believed me- or thought that I was out of my mind and wanted to get as far away from me as he could.  I did get my spedometer checked- and it was fine. I never did figure this one out!!


10 thoughts on “My cop stories

  1. Katie,Wow…that\’s crazy. Sometimes that happens though. Before we can think about what we say, there it goes. I\’ve done it lots too. 😀

  2. Imagine that, YOU speeding!! Shocking I say..well the first one you were purrrty lucky, I have never (and I do believe that in the past tense I can say never on this one) not gotten the ticket :(..I wanted to just say hi, see how you were doing…looks like it is *wink*take carebecky

  3. I laughed right out loud, Little Katie to be 22 (My husband figured out what your moniker meant)! 🙂 Specifically, I laughed at your mouthing-off story. So well-told! I\’m pretty mild-mannered, myself, but there\’s something about being behind the wheel of a car that makes me slightly insane… LOL This is classic–my GRANDFATHER–the most sainted man I know–also has the heaviest lead foot of anybody I know (passed it right along to me, but I\’m reformed). Anyway, in his younger years, he would razz the officer… "Don\’t you have better things to be doing? Like catching criminals or drug dealers or other miscreants?" He would really get worked up. Needless to say, he earned a ticket every time.Thanks for the great post! I\’m going to zip through and read the rest of the entries I\’ve missed lately, though I may not comment. 🙂 Talk to you soon!

  4. As funny as your cop stories are I still can\’t get over the comments about your fellow classmates. This must be a universal phenomenon. I can recall many many lectures which are constantly interupted by fellow students who are under the impression that this is show and tell and that everyone is waiting with baited breath in anticipation of their wonderful self centred stories. And here I thought it was just my lectures…..Great Blog.

  5. I graduated with my RN BSN in 1995. I remember the same sort of incident happening to me when I was ticketed for parking in a handicapped space at AU. I did NOT park in a handicapped space; I was encroaching upon a handicapped space! My front bumper was over the line.I stomped into the security office, face purple, hands clenched, furious beyond belief. No one understands the stress nursing students are under, and no one seems to care. I threw the ticket over the counter at the startled receptionist and began to tell her the way it was. The head of security (who used to work with my husband, unfortunately) heard me and came out to see what was the matter. I told him off with gritted teeth ("There\’s not enough parking spaces in front of the library! I was only in there 20 minutes!" and etc.) and turned on my heel and whooshed out the door. The other visitors in the office just stared at me like I was a wild woman.So believe me, I know why you went off on that policeman. It\’s the cork popping out of the bottle.I never did pay that ticket and never heard any more about it.D\’ann RN BSN

  6. Katie,I just came across your blog on the main page for MSN…you are too funny! I\’m going to keep coming back and read your entries. Actually, I think I might open up my own blog. I work retail, the stories I could tell 🙂 Curlysue

  7. Hi, I just ran across your blog as it was advertised on the Home page for MSN. I, too, am in nursing school and I laughed at your comment about your fellow students who use class time as their own personal story time. We have one woman in class who constantly does this. It seems as if she or her kids have or have had every known disease to man and she doesn\’t hesitate in telling us all about it. I like the dog collar idea.

  8. katie; Hi from Turkey (not an animal name, it is a country in East Europe :)) )Almost same thing has happen to me. While I was driving 90 km, cops got pulled over me and said me I had been speeding at 122 km. I was shocked and as normally disputed with them. But that protest didn\’t helped me and I get a traffic ticket. It was a too pesky memory in my life. I don\’t like the cops in Turkey….

  9. It\’s amazing how pulling people over brings out the worst in people. I\’ll never forget the first person I issued a ticket. His windows were so frosted over you couldn\’t even see inside the car. I got called quite a few nasty words. Turns out he owns a grocery store in my town and is a very model citizen!

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