Construction workers

Ok, I’d like to start off by saying that I am not admitting that this ever happened to me.
I have some advice for those ladies who are overtaken by the urge to holler at the cute construction workers on the side of the road while you are driving by:
Make sure that the traffic ahead of you is actually MOVING!! Because when you holler something, and then traffic stops, and you are stuck sitting right next to the guy you and your girlfriends just hollered at, it can be slightly embarrassing.

4 thoughts on “Construction workers

  1. I actually had a guy fall from a ladder after giving him the "woo-hoo". Now THAT was embarassing! (for him, not me) And by the way, I met one of my old boyfriends that way…No, not the \’ladder guy\’…lol

  2. Hello Katie, As usual, your stories are fantastic to read. I highly recommend you getting into writing a book about your escapades. You have wonderful writing skills! As far as the perfumes, I thank you very much. The one bottle there with the painted violets is basically the one that I used to have as a child so that definitely brought back memories! I was hoping to find perfume in the bottle but unfortunately these are for sale as empty bottles so I suppose my search is still on *sigh* but I thank you very much for the effort. It was the closet yet as now I\’ve seen the bottle that was so similar to the one that I possessed as a child. Thanks Katie!Peace.

  3. I try not to whistle at the construction guys… I used to work in construction and no one ever whistled at me…probably because you could not see the "crack" when I bent over. LOL… Also, I agree that paying attention to the road and not the road workers while you are driving is a good thing. Cheers!Warren

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