Brain overload

Here are warning signs of brain overload that I have experienced over the last few months:
~ Put face wash on my toothbrush instead of toothpaste.
~ Shaved legs with shampoo (it actually worked pretty well)
~ Attempted to unlock the door on the wrong car (at least is was the
same color car)- and I know I am not the only one who has made this
~ Started the laundry, came back to throw the clothes in the dryer, and
realized that they were still sitting in the laundry basket. The
machine ran completely empty. (This just happened today).
~ Spent about five minutes searching for my glasses when they were on my face.
~ Poured the chocolate from my hot chocolate on my instant macaroni (this only happened once!)
~ Tipped the parking lot golf-cart driving guy with a $10 instead of a $1 for a 1-minute lift to the door.
~ Put the cereal box in the fridge

~ More to come (unfortunately), but I have to take an online pharm. test.

Do you guys have any good ones? Please share so I don’t feel like I’m the only one going crazy!!


20 thoughts on “Brain overload

  1. I once took a huge swig of shampoo thinking it was mouthwash. And I have done probably every other thing on your list except the chocolate. But I did put the cheese powder from the instant mac & cheese I was making for Drewie into my cup of decaf.Hugs,MuMo

  2. I did the car thing…only the car wasn\’t even the same color or make. I\’ve also got out of the shower and noticed I had shaved only one leg! I have one other, but common decency prohibits the telling of that story…LOL

  3. I just numbly nodded as I read each of the signs of brain overload! How crazy! I was going to tell you… Shampoo is good for shaving legs, but so is conditioner, AND my personal favorite–baby shampoo. All three were discovered by accident. 😀 I\’m still laughing about the hot chocolate/macaroni AND the empty washing machine–so funny! Here\’s to hoping the online exam goes well, and here\’s to anticipating graduation and SLEEP!

  4. You are not alone. I can\’t count the number of times I have gotten to work and realized my underwear is on inside out. But, then that occurrance is generally following a rushed morning and tend to be grateful that I did not forget the undergarments all together!! One of the most embarassing was when I wore one black shoe and one brown shoe to work. They were the same style, just different colors. I was grateful I didn\’t have to meet with a client that day.Nessa

  5. Hello Katie! Well let\’s see I have worn mix-matched socks, used cream instead of mousse (I had to rinse it off), forgotten my wallet and missed placed my car keys. Well let\’s just say I understand what you mean. ; )PS. Thanks for your comment

  6. Once I had food in one hand and a gluestick in the other. I almost ate the glue stick accidentally! (But luckily I caught myself)

  7. I have done a few of those things. The worst was putting nasty smelling Noxema face wash in my hair (I thought I was doing shampoo). Noxema smell stays in your hair for like 3 days!I love your site. The clown story makes me want to cry!

  8. OMG, I have done some of those, namely looking for my glasses when wearing them, the laundry one, and putting my key into the wrong car (same color, different make/model). I\’ve also 1) tried to open someone elses apartment (I took a different elevator than I normally did and walked straight ahead like I normally did), 2) misplaced things by putting them somewhere else, 3) put eye-makeup remover on when I wasn\’t wearing eye make-up (done this several times), 4) told somebody something they told me first, and 5) sent and e-mail without an attachment. Glad to know I\’m not the only one that does these things!

  9. I got home from a camp, and was so tired, that I put my sleeping bag into the freezer instead of the cupboard!!!-rebecca

  10. I left Brain overload four months ago! I am a third year nursing student and I think the fatigue is starting to show. I actually used my nail polish remover instead of my makeup remover to cleanse my face. You would think the smell would have tipped me off?!?

  11. haha, my friend put muscle relaxer(or some type of muscle stuff that my brother uses for his sore muscles) on her toothbrush and brushed her teeth for a minute thinkin it was my vanilla mint flavored toothpaste and then she realized that it was the wrong tube..the poison control center lady was laughing harder than us when we were talking to her lol

  12. I hope that you decided to take a break from studying that day, because when I was like that I would have to read things over and over again. And when you are at work it will be the little things because you are concentrating on the big things like someones bleeding or not breathing well. And the patient next door will be hollering for a denture cup or water, and then they get really upset with you. But if they only knew I think they would at least be appreciative that their nurse knows how to prioritize. Heck it could be them.

  13. I love all these! I have gotten out milk for my cereal and put the milk back in the pantry instead of the cereal. I left it out for about 2 days before I realized what I did. Opps!!!

  14. You are not tired, until you spray Lysol all over your head and not realize it was NOT hair spray till someone mentioned the smell. hahaha. Love your Blog!

  15. Once I was helping my sister on her art project involving loads of PVA glue while munching on something. I had to spread the glue using my fingers. Few seconds later, with a habit of licking my fingers, I accidentally put my fingers in my mouth and licked all the white goo on it before realizing that it was glue, and not the food I was munching on.

  16. I am a nursing student as well and was laughing at the stupid mistakes people have done!!! I\’ve committed some of them as well. My clinical experience this semester was on a head and neck cancer unit and just about all of the patients are trached. If your unit uses the saline lavage before suctioning, instill the saline into the stoma and GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! If you do not, and trust me on this one, you will be covered with everything they cough up from their lungs!!! Try wiping sputum off of your face gracefully in front of the patient! It only took once for me to learn that one!Also, on more stupid mistake (and I do mean stupid). During a previous semester, on a different unit, we had a woman who was severly incontinent of her feces. My instructor thought it was hilarious that I was the only student who did not have to clean up poop yet that semester, so of course, she sent me in to clean up the patient (and the next 10 pati.

  17. sorry….accidentally hit publish(and the next 10 patients thereafter). There was just so much to clean up, and we ended up using paper towels. I had a blonde moment and flushed the paper towels down the toilet….causing the toilet to seriously clog. (luckily i didn\’t have to unclog it, the janitor was called). My instructor proceeded to yell at me. How dare i not know that paper towels cannot be flushed!

  18. LOL I have done several of those, plus a few others…at breakfast, pouring the milk in the cup and then pouring the gatorade into the bowl of cereal. Or spending several minutes fighting with the faucet to get it to turn on. It took three of us to figure out I was turning it the wrong way.

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