Dead for three days?

My Grandpa is great. But he is at that point where he gets very confused, and because of this, he makes up a lot of memories. Sometimes these memories are pleasant, and other times they are mean, such as when he "remembers" people stealing stuff from him. I visit him every Friday, and each time he has a different injury from the fall he had on my mom’s "flight of stairs from the front porch" – a single step down. I witnessed this fall, and my grandpa did trip, but his fall was broken by my mom’s shoulder (which she had just had surgery on). The only injury was my mom’s shoulder, not any part of my grandpa. Anyways, every week there is a new ailment from this fall. This week, my grandpa was telling me about his broken back. He broke it, of course, when he did the triple front flip off my mom’s flight of stairs. When he landed, he hit his back so hard that he died. When the ambulance got him to the hospital (what ambulance?!), they gave him a new set of veins through his entire body (never heard of this procedure!), and after three days, he rose from the dead (sound familiar?). But, because he was dead for so long laying on his back, the doctor could not tell that he had broken his back. Therefore, it is still broken, all this time later. Oh, I forgot to mention, that his eyeball also popped out, and so now his eyes are puffy in the mornings.
Oh, wow. What do I say to this? I just listen and nod my head and give him sympathy. Thankfully, when he accuses people, such as my mom, of stealing his stuff, he usually mentions the time he died, or his new veins, or his amputated leg (they are both there), or whatever he has come up with that day, and people know he is a little confused.


Side note: I love my Grandpa. It is very difficult to watch him go through this, both because I feel bad for him, and because he is so incredibly mean to his family. Humor is the only way I can handle the situation. I do not mean to disrespect him, I just have to stand back and see the funny side of him instead of the mean, angry, paranoid person he is becoming. If I don’t look at things this way, there is no way I could ever handle visiting him, and then he’d sit in his room all alone looking through his "paperwork" tracking down his money.


10 thoughts on “Dead for three days?

  1. Hi. thanks for check out my msn space and what you said. I gave you my email address if you want to keep in contact since you not too far from me. Well in the same time zone anyway. I have heat now and am a very happy camper to be home. Still trying to get through mail and unpack. I had sooooo much stuff with me. Well, I need to go. Stay warm and have a happy thanksgiving.Susan

  2. You are such a good girl to continue the visits! As difficult as they sometimes may be, you\’ll be glad in the future…When you don\’t have them anymore. By the way..I know it should be \’sad\’ but the way you write…YOU CRACK ME UP!!

  3. Poor old dear….you are a very caring soul to continue to visit. It is so sad to lose a grip on reality. The one thing no one person can take from you are your memories, what a terrible trick that our own systems can. Woah

  4. Nice entry as always. I\’m starting a series of piano compositions for my blog. You may like it. enjoy! PS: I\’m goin to put some work into this one. I would like to share this with all my fellow bloggers, so give me a recommendation for MSN best spaces! Thx

  5. It\’s really a tragic process but I can\’t help laughing at how you write it. I hope it helps take out some of the sting. I remember when my grandma thought I was her sister and would alternately beg me to take her home "to see mama" or accuse me of every slight on earth. And all I could do was listen because she was off in her own world. After a while, I learned there were subjects I could bring up that were happier and that would get her started on a better tack. And then after a longer time, she just went completely within herself, with just moans here and there, and stayed that way until she died. But there are lots of things in that process that make me laugh when I think of them, and your blog reminded me of some good things, so thank you!Hugs,MuMo

  6. hmmm..maybe I can introduce him to my grandmother. She thinks sometimes I\’m her brother, daughter (better because I look like my mother) and husband (scary). She plays ball in the rec room and is "the starting quarterback for the high school team". She never knew she was so good at sports. Go figure. Everyone is stealing her stuff too. Sad to see grandparents go so crazy, but to enjoy what is left of them is worth it. She still smiles at my jokes.Good luck in nursing school.

  7. lmao……………..wwwhhhooooo!!!!!!!! that was really funny………..i\’m in computer lab right now in MDC (Miami Dade College Hialeah,FL) people just kept staring at me b/c during the whole time that i was reading this i just couldn\’t keep from laughing. I never met my grandparents and there all dead now….but it sounds nice to have had a grandparent. well good luck in your career and life katie.

  8. I\’m sorry. I couldnt even imagine what that would be like. Mine arent quite to tht stage yet, and I love them. I hope they never have to go through that, because it would be as hard for them as it would be for me. Maybe this is wrong, but it was kinda funny when you said the part about the replaced blood vessels and coming back from the dead. It makes me sad tho… I wouldnt want tht to evr happen to me or anyone i care for.

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