Thanks MuMo!!

My good blog friend MuMo made me my own banner for my site!! It is
adorable, and I really appreciate it! As soon as I figure out exactly
how to do it, I will post it at the top of my site. But until then, I
have to show it off here. 
You should all check out her site– she is a wonderful writer, and has
many touching stories. 
(I recommend starting with the links on the left of her page-
especially Funny Remembrances and Bumpkins.


4 thoughts on “Thanks MuMo!!

  1. I\’m so envious of your new banner! It\’s adorable! And I LOVE the ruby slippers. 😀 We\’ve been working on some kind of a banner, but my goodness, it\’s hard. We\’ll let you know when we have one up… 🙂 In the meantime, I can\’t wait to see your banner posted!

  2. Great banner; hopefully you\’ve enjoyed your five minutes of fame! I got a lot of hits via your site so I can only imagine how slammed you were! Congrats, you deserved it!P.S. Here\’s a tip: move your guestbook up to one of your right or left-hand columns. No one will ever find it waaaaay down on the bottom!

  3. Err…retract that last guestbook comment; I noticed you DO have it at the top. I\’m a bit at a less, then, for the guestbook that is listed at the bottom of the blog!

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