Before giving any of our victims a flu shot today, we were required to
ask them a few questions. If we had a woman of childbearing age, we
were supposed to ask if there was any chance she was pregnant. Who
could have guessed how much fun this question could be!!?
~ When my patients were obviously past child-bearing age, I would still
ask them this question. It’s kind of like being carded for alcohol when
you are forty. It makes your day. Or at least I am assuming this based
on the large smiles on their face after they would giggle and say, "No,
I don’t think so!"
~ Trisha had a man with a large pot-belly come sit down for a shot. As
she was getting the needle ready, my teacher came over and put her
hands on the man’s stomach. She said, "Trisha, I think this one might
be pregnant."   Uh…
do we laugh? I was stunned- the man didn’t laugh. Oops!! 
Thankfully, after a few seconds of all us students sitting there with
the same expression as this cute little smiley- my teacher introduced
us to her husband. LOL… After what we (ok, more like I) put her
through every day, she deserved to get us just this once.

7 thoughts on “Pregnant??!

  1. HI Katie,That could/would be a tad bit uncomfortable if you didn\’t know it was him. Gotta admit though, she pulled a good one on you guys *wink*Have a fantastic weekendbecky

  2. Oh my gosh… funny is that? Yeah she sure got you guys good…LOL. Love your site .. My sister Carrie (oldermomofone1) told me how great you were and she was right….Woah

  3. Here are the instructions for putting it up as a banner at the top of your middle column, so it will stay there and not go away at the next entry. down on the right and first do "How To Add Custom HTML Module" then go down two more and do "How To Put Image On Your Custom HTML Module PowerToy", which really just amounts to putting in the box the code used to call the graphic into the blog entry from your own server. If you don\’t have a place where you store or display graphics, like Geocities or your own server, for instance, I can upload it to my storage and you can use that URL. Let me know. It has to be a server that allows hot linking.<IMG SRC="YOUR COMPLETE GRAPHIC URL HERE">Hugs,MuMo

  4. My husband looks pregnant too, and we always joke about it. During my 3 pregnancies, he claimed he had a "sympathy pregnancy," but I always asked him why it\’s still there months after the baby\’s birth?

  5. I had to laugh because your story reminded me of when I was a student and had to give flu shots to hospital employees. I was assigned to the same facility that I worked at as an aid and my first "victim" was one of the ER docs. He looked me dead in the eye and said "I pass out when I get shots." Without missing a beat I looked at him and said "I pass out when I give them so it will be a race to the floor!" Everyone in the room burst out laughing and the rest of my two hours just flew by! Best of luck to you through school. I have been practicing for almost 2 years now having graduated in May 2004, it is the best profession.

  6. I\’ve always wanted to be a doctor or a nurse. I guess I still have a few years to decide what I am going to do. All of the stories on this page make me crack up. And to think that in only a few years these stories might be mine… well cool. That would be embarrasing (spelling isnt my strongsuit). What an awsome story.

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