Needles can be fun…

Today was a great day. Why, you ask? Did I save someone’s life?
Nope. Even better. I was allowed to stab three of my teachers in the
arm with a needle. That got me over my fear of giving shots real
fast!!! LOL.. I’m just exaggerating- I really like my teachers, they
are just extremely disorganized, which makes my life more difficult
than necessary.
We ran a flu shot clinic today for a few hours, and I got to give
many people shots. It went a lot better than I was expecting, and now
shots seem like no big deal. One of my classmates, a girl who has
never given a shot before, was really nervous about giving a stranger a
flu shot. She was actually shaking. So, I told her to find some sterile
saline, and I would let her practice on me. Sounds like a wonderful
thing to do, right? Wrong!! Looking back, it sounds like an extremely
stupid decision!!! I talked her through filling the syringe, had her
practice giving the shot a few times w/ the lid still on… she was
finally ready for the real thing, and OWWWW did it hurt!! She poked my
arm really hard (maybe I overemphasized the importance of not going too
slow?), and when she pulled back to aspirate, she was shaking really
badly. So I’m sitting here with this needle in my arm, and the girl
holding the needle is shaking. I could feel it moving in my muscle. Oh,
it really hurt. But I kept myself from flinching or giving her any
indication of what was going on. The poor thing was already scared
enough!! When it was finally over (it felt like two hours later), she
asked how she did. I smiled and said, ‘wonderful!’ A little while
later, I watched her give a real patient a flu shot, and she did great.
Sometimes, all you need is a little false reassurance!!
Nothing too exciting happened at the hospital today. Danielle’s
patient really cracked me up a few times though. He is still going
through alcohol withdrawal, and he was extremely upset today. He can’t
get up and walk around, but we saw him climbing out of bed today. We
ran into his room to sit him back down, and he started yelling funny,
but inappropriate, things at us. When we finally calmed him down, I
asked where he was going. "To get my cigarettes and a beer, you idiot!"
Ahh… should have known. I think they keep those in stock down in the
psych ward- why don’t you drag your (only wearing a gown on halfway,
hair out of control, catheter (drains urine) still attached, IV in arm)
self down there and ask them for some beer? I’m sure they would be
very.. inviting.

4 thoughts on “Needles can be fun…

  1. Oh my GOSH I hate getting shots! AND! I hate getting my blood drawn… have you started THAT yet? Just you wait. Quick story–I was in the hospital post-Scooter and I had to have my blood drawn. The pregnancy was a mess, the delivery a mess, and the post-delivery a mess… I was such a mess that TWO nurses poked around, not finding a vein. Finally, they went to the life flight team (who, fortunately for my horribly poked arms were in the hospital) and asked them to find my vein. The guy tried and couldn\’t find it. Then the lady came over, and WOOSH, the needle was in. Miraculously, I wasn\’t all that bruised after that night…

  2. You couldn\’t make up these stories! Good for you – helping that poor student! I hope you have a long – sleeved shirt on today! LOL

  3. Love your stories! Good luck to you! I just graduated nursing school last year. Your nursing stories had me laughing so hard teas were streaming down my face!! You should write comedies in your spare time. You\’d make a fortune

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