Faking a stroke?!

I understand that people sometimes do drastic things to get attention.
But what I saw today really shocked me. I saw two nurses running down
the hallway towards a patient’s room, so I followed them in to see if I
could help. There was a man who had just been admitted, and for some
reason he had not gone to the ER. He thought he was having a stroke,
and so the nurses were trying desperately to get an IV in him so he
could go have some tests done. This man was paralyzed on the left side
of his body. It was really interesting to watch what went on, because
as a student, I still do not feel comfortable speaking up when I see
something a little odd (something dangerous or someone mistreating my
patient- I will be yelling, but something harmless, I keep my mouth
shut for now). So anyways, two nurses are trying to start an IV on his
right arm (the "good" arm), and a doctor is talking to the man doing
neurological tests on him. She told him to follow her finger with his
eyes, and moved her finger in front of his face. He did nothing. No eye
movement whatsoever. She asked him to squeeze her hand. Nothing. Push
on her hand with his foot- same thing, he was unable. But he did
understand the commands and could do these things with his right side.
So I’m standing back watching, and I notice that he was following
people in the room with his eyes. Hmm… reflexes maybe? When the nurse
poked him with the needle for his IV, I saw his left arm jump and he
made a fist. I’m thinking to myself that something is going on- but the
scene was too hectic for me to really find a good time to say anything.
They whisked the man away for some tests, and apparantly everything
came out ok. He was still "paralyzed" and I still had not said
anything, when another nurse went in to assess him. She asked him to do
the same tests as before, and he failed all of them. She then asked if
he had pain from the IV, and with his paralyzed arm, he pointed to
where his other arm hurt. LOL!!! Oops!!! I don’t know what they did to
him- sent him to psych hopefully!!


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