Magical powers?

I’m sitting here at my computer, staring at my hand. It seems to be a
completely normal hand. Nothing great about it, no super powers
apparant. So how is it then, that this small, boring hand can lower my
patient’s pulse rate by twenty beats just by touching her hand? How can
putting my hand on my other patient’s forearm give him the motivation
he needs to try to stand up one more time? Or putting it on the
shoulder of Rachel’s patient- why does it make him smile and tell a
joke? I just don’t get it. I can say all the right things, perform all
the proper nursing interventions, but it will do nothing for my
patient. But placing my hand on theirs makes all the difference?
Amazing. You always hear about how humans need to be touched. An infant
who is never held or touched is not likely to live. When I went with my
patient today for her scary procedure, she was hooked up to a pulse
monitoring machine. She asked me to stay with her and hold her hand.
Her pulse was at 90. I took her hand in mine and squeezed it. Ten
seconds later, her pulse was down to 72. It stayed low until I had to
leave to put on a surgical gown. When I returned, it was back above 90.
I took her hand again, and her pulse returned to normal. I guess this
‘importance of touching" wasn’t just a bunch of psychobabble, huh?
That, or I really do have magical powers.

3 thoughts on “Magical powers?

  1. Your entry makes me wish I didn\’t sit in a cubicle all day working in the health & welfare insurance industry. You are truly making a difference by entering the nursing profession.

  2. Katie ~ I wrote you this really long comment, then forgot to publish it…feel so silly.I am sorry for the loss of your friend, and the cancer sad. My son lost a very close friend a couple of weeks ago, he is still in a state of sock…he has also lost two friends he graduated with to the war, 9 months apart, and one other to cancer..then one raced dirt bikes and slammed into a tree, and did not make it…it has been an awful two years for him..he is only 20 years old.Healing hands…I believe the people are unique creatures….when we get sick, to have someone caring, hold our hand, and we feel that care, we calm down…I know I do, and the same is true with my children…you are special.Take care..Helen

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